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Shift gears with our Fleet Management software so you can get control, stay compliant, and increase fuel efficiency within your fleet.

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Maximize Uptime, Minimize Hassle

Our Fleet Management Software keeps your trucking operations running smoothly. Eliminate manual processes, gain real-time insights into vehicle and driver performance, and ensure regulatory compliance across your entire fleet.


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Take Control of Your Fleet: From Stressed to Streamlined

  • Automated Compliance & Safety: Easily manage driver compliance and truck maintenance with automated notifications and alerts for a safer fleet.
  • Staying Organized: Gone are the days of keeping your “big boards” up to date. Store images, invoices and reports in one place. Quickly add equipment, open work orders and set prices for parts in labor to maximize productivity.
  • Streamline Scheduling: Our software keeps you in control of your fleet. Optimize carrier, rate management and appointment scheduling. Simply assign a driver, truck, trailer and company with a single click so you can focus on more important tasks.
  • Prevent Breakdowns, Save Money: Reduce repair costs and unplanned downtime with automated reminders for preventative maintenance. Track service history, identify potential issues early, and extend the lifespan of your trucks.
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Fuel Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Cut expenses at the pump and leverage fleet-specific insights with fuel efficiency reports at your fingertips. Our TMS Fleet Mangement Software provides visibility into your fuel expenses to help you make more profitable decisions.

  • Reduce Freight Costs: Access detailed fuel efficiency reports to uncover cost-saving routes that boost your bottom line and steer your business towards the most profitable opportunities.
  • Automate Fuel Tracking: Ditch manual data entry and stop duplicating information from fuel statements and mileage logs. Seamlessly import fuel transactions and calculate accurate state-by-state mileage using built-in fuel calculations, making IFTA reporting effortless.
  • Gain Fleet Visibility: Track your assets and trailers in real-time when you integrate your preferred ELD provider, keeping your drivers and trucks safe on the road.
  • Get More from Your Tech Stack: Our integrations with over 70 leading partners - including telematics, ELD, and compliance providers - give you the transparency you need to optimize routes, reduce costs, and gain valuable insights for improved full fleet control.

Your Pocket-Sized Powerhouse: Streamline Operations with PCS Mobile

Step away from your desk, embrace mobility. PCS Mobile empowers dispatchers with on-the-go control, letting you manage your fleet from anywhere, anytime. Seamlessly dispatch and connect with drivers, send and receive documents electronically, and automate tasks - all in the palm of your hand. Experience improved communication, boosted efficiency, and happier drivers, all thanks to PCS Mobile.

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"PCS helped us save time by offering APIs to track and trace our trucks via Samsara right in the PCS dashboard."

Alex Amro, Project Manager

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Fuel Growth, Not Frustration: Get a Personalized Fleet Management Demo with PCS TMS

Tired of managing multiple spreadsheets and paperwork? See how our software automates tasks, boosts efficiency, and fuels success.

Dive deeper into your fleet:

  • Gain efficiency: Automate daily tasks, optimize routes & fuel, and empower drivers with our intuitive platform.
  • Maximize productivity: Gain real-time insights into vehicle maintenance, safety compliance, and driver performance.
  • Boost profits: See how PCS TMS helps you save time, control costs, and maximize profitability.

Explore the complete picture:

  • Beyond fleet management: Discover how our TMS seamlessly integrates with accounting, dispatch, and more.
  • Tailored to your needs: Get a personalized demo focused on your specific challenges and goals.
  • Expert guidance: Ask questions, get answers, and learn how PCS can empower your fleet to thrive.

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