How CR Express is Streamlining Operations and Scaling their Business with PCS

About CR Express

CR Express, located in Elk Grove Village, IL and founded in 1998, is a logistics provider with a sizable fleet and comprehensive services including airport transfers and domestic freight solutions. Their expert team drives their mission to deliver innovative and reliable transportation by leveraging technology and a deep commitment to customers.

Challenges Before PCS

Before finding PCS, the team at CR Express managed its operations using paperwork and spreadsheets, which became unmanageable with their growth. The need for a scalable solution was evident as the company looked toward expansion and improving efficiency.

Introducing the PCS TMS for Carriers

After realizing they needed a scalable solution that could keep up with their projected growth, CR Express chose PCS for its Transportation Management Software (TMS) needs. They were looking for something that was easy to use, flexible enough to scale, and that had a strong customer service component. The transition to PCS allowed CR Express to update load data swiftly, streamline accounting, and enhance long haul mileage detail analysis.

Transition to PCS's TMS

CR Express aimed to improve operational efficiency by leveraging the TMS's advanced capabilities for streamlined data management and improved logistical oversight.

The Results

Streamlined Data Management and Workflow

CR Express revolutionized their load data management by adopting PCS, streamlining the data entry tasks that are crucial in the freight forwarding industry. The new system enables quick form navigation and efficient data input, resulting in substantial time savings and a lighter administrative load for the team- eliminateing double and manual entry and reducing possibility for error.

PCS has made our workflow allowing us to simply tab through the load form and enter data swiftly with shortcuts.

Enhanced Visibility Across Operations

CR Express not only streamlined their operations but also gained enhanced visibility into their business units. By implementing PCS, they can quickly integrate new offices into their profit and loss statements, offering a clear view of their financial health across different segments. This increased transparency is pivotal for strategic decision-making and supports their ongoing growth and expansion.

"We have been able to add offices to our P&L swiftly and gain visibility into the various business units that our company has."

Exceptional Customer Service Experience

One of the most significant benefits noted by CR Express since the integration of PCS is the responsive and attentive customer service. The PCS team's readiness to address inquiries and provide solutions has ensured that the transition to TMS has been seamless and supportive, enhancing their overall satisfaction with the product.

Service from PCS is top notch. Any time we have questions or concerns, they always jump on the request and make things happen.

Achieving Operational Efficiency and Time Savings

CR Express has realized significant operational efficiencies and time savings since integrating PCS. The user-friendly nature of PCS has streamlined their processes, enhancing productivity across the board. The software's advanced API integrations have notably reduced manual entry, freeing up the team to focus on strategic tasks. This efficiency gain has translated into measurable time savings and a boost in overall operational performance.

"PCS helped us save time by offering APIs to track and trace our trucks via Samsara right in the PCS dashboard."

Customization for Business Growth and Scalability

As CR Express has grown, so too has their need for a TMS that can grow with them. PCS has been that solution, offering customization options that align with CR Express's specific business processes. This scalability ensures that as CR Express continues to expand its services and customer base, PCS can adapt to meet these new demands without compromising performance or efficiency.

“As we continue to grow, we will be looking for more advancement in the API and EDI space. PCS has these offerings and is willing to help us utilize and understand them.”


The integration of PCS has proven to be a strategic move for CR Express, setting a foundation for their operational evolution and supporting their expansion goals. The case study of CR Express exemplifies how a tailored TMS solution like PCS TMS for Carriers can provide not just a return on investment but also pave the way for future innovations and growth within the logistics industry.

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Fast Facts About CR Express

  • Location: Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Industry: Logistics and Transportation
  • Fleet: Over 150 tractors and 200 trailers
  • Warehouse Space: 280,000 sq ft
  • Services: Airport transfers, Container Freight Station, warehousing, drayage, full truckloads, expedited services, and less-than-truckload services
  • Founded: 1998
  • Starting Using PCS: 2014