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PCS Transportation Management Platform has been designed to be straightforward and robust. In this knowledgebase are videos to watch and guide you along to complete some of the common tasks in the platform. Be sure to check back and see the latest updates.

What’s New at PCS

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Accounting Payroll Dispatch Fleet and Maintenance Shippers TMS


How to Delete an Invoice

How to Create a Manual Invoice

How to Apply Credit to a Customer

How to Clear a Load

Bank Reconciliation


How to Fix Payroll Mistakes

How to Fix Dispatches in Payroll


How to Book a Load

Booking Loads (LTL)

Street Turn

Street Turn 2

How to Fix an "Enroute" Status Unit

Fleet and Maintenance

How to Edit Work Orders with Purchase Order Created

How to Import State Mileage

Shipper TMS

How to Accept a Spot a Bid

How to Send a Shipment to Spot Bid

Manual Tender Contracted Rates

Add a New Rate from Tender List

How to Place a Spot Bid

How to Submit Check Calls