Streamline Your Dispatch, Supercharge Your Fleet

Ditch the spreadsheets and phone tag. Our Trucking Dispatch feature orchestrates your fleet for maximum efficiency and profit.

Elevate Your Dispatch Operations with PCS Dispatch

Managing a fleet requires precision and efficiency. That's where our advanced Trucking Dispatch software comes in. It streamlines your entire workflow, optimizing every aspect of your operation to deliver measurable results.

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Experience the benefits of:

  • Built for Multimodal: Manage the full spectrum of your dispatching needs, encompassing TL, LTL, brokerage, and intermodal operations within a single, comprehensive platform.
  • Optimized Load Matching: Our software automatically pairs your trucks with the most profitable loads, eliminating empty miles and maximizing fleet utilization.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Gain complete transparency into your fleet's operations. Track location, status, and estimated arrival times of each truck in real-time, enabling proactive decision-making and improved customer service.
  • Simplified Communication: Streamline communication with drivers and customers through a centralized platform and mobile app. Eliminate phone tag and ensure everyone is always on the same page.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Our comprehensive reporting provides valuable insights into fleet performance, driver behavior, and key metrics. Identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.

Get a Free Demo and See the Difference Yourself

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Smarter Dispatch, Stronger Fleet

Is paperwork clogging your day and driver satisfaction slipping out of reach? Our TMS Dispatching software cuts through the clutter, automating the mundane and empowering you to focus on what truly matters - moving freight and exceeding expectations.

  • Intelligent Scheduling: Visual scheduling lets you get a bird’s eye view of your dispatching needs to improve your planning.
  • Preferred Load Assignment Automatically match your freight offers the best driver based on your needs.
  • Automated Communications: Send digital rate confirmations, forward maps, delivery instructions, and in-route updates directly to the carrier.
  • Real-Time Asset Tracking: Track your assets in real-time to improve operational control and visibility.

Ditch the Desk, Dispatch from Anywhere

Step away from your desk and manage your fleet remotely. PCS Mobile empowers dispatching from anywhere, offering the flexibility of a beachside hammock from the palm of your hand. Optimize tasks, boost efficiency, and keep customers singing your praises – all without being tied to your desk. Let's face it, paper cuts and sunshine don't mix.

"With PCS, we’ve seen an increase in our communications with the customers and to give them a more real-time update and outlook of what we’re doing"

Chris Ferrara, Founder,
Ferrara Transport

Centralize All of Your Systems with Our Integrations

Integrating PCS TMS into your current tech stack eliminates the need to switch between systems and tools. We integrate with 70+ top technology partners, giving you the increased transparency and collaboration you need.

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Ready to unlock peak efficiency and optimize your dispatch operations?

Experience the full power of PCS TMS for Carriers with a personalized demo. See how our intuitive software streamlines workflows, optimizes routes and boosts driver satisfaction – all in one comprehensive solution.

  • Dive deep into Carrier Dispatch: Witness the magic of AI-powered matching, real-time tracking, and automated communication in action.
  • Explore the full TMS: Discover how our TMS empowers every aspect of your fleet management, from accounting to maintenance.
  • Get expert guidance: Our dedicated team will tailor the demo to your specific needs and answer all your questions.

Take control of your fleet and drive your business forward. Request your free demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation dispatch software is a comprehensive tool for managing carrier fleets, tracking drivers, and efficiently handling backend logistics. Investing in a centralized platform simplifies transportation logistics and improves carrier dispatch efficiency. Read our blog for the top features to look for in dispatch software.

PCS Mobile is a free app for drivers and administrators to stay connected and help manage your freight. It allows you to make better-informed decisions on the go and with ease.

We have packages based on your company’s need and size. We can help you find the best package for growing your business.

Most companies are up and running in a few days. Our implementation team provides full 24/7 support and onboarding is a breeze to ensure your team can starting using the system in little to no time. Book a demo now!