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Creating Fleet Capacity to Maximize Shipper Savings

Record freight rates during the past two years have increased the savings potential for shippers to shift more loads over to private and dedicated fleets. Using freight brokers and for-hire carriers in today’s market is a budget buster. The dry van spot market ended 2021 with rates 46% higher than the national average of the […]


Load Planning Perfected: Introducing Prime Express

When was the last time you manually solved a complex math equation? With calculators and phone apps at our fingertips, it’s probably been a while. Enter the numbers, push a few buttons — and voila! — you immediately have an answer. For most fleets, load planning is not so simple. Dispatchers still match drivers and […]


4 Steps to Simplify Your Search for a New Transportation Management System

4 Steps to Simplify Your Search for a New Transportation Management System Time is money in the transportation industry. Market-leading shippers understand this better than most, and many are digitizing and automating routine tasks to help people make optimal, time-saving decisions. Investing in a transportation management system (TMS) is the best way to unlock human […]

Power of the Transportation Management Platform

Why Traditional Transportation Management Systems Are Unable to Meet Today’s Industry Needs Over the past several decades, the computing solutions required to run a transportation-related business have become increasingly complex. Primarily driven by an explosion in the number of point solutions available (and often required),  navigating this complexity has become a full time job for […]

Fighting for Fuel Efficiency in Manufacturing Supply Chains

Analyzing the cost and environmental benefits of modern TMS technology The U.S. transportation sector’s consumption of diesel fuel resulted in about 432 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). That equates to about 26% of total U.S. transportation sector CO2 emissions and about 9% […]

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