TMS for Shippers: Empowering Efficiency, Driving Success

Do more with less by centralizing and streamlining your transportation operations.

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From Scattered Shipments to Strategic Moves: Unleash the Power of Transportation Management

Navigate your transportation operations seamlessly with our end-to-end, modern TMS backed by over 20 years of expertise. Centralize and simplify your freight network from order entry to advanced fleet management, gaining actionable insights to boost operational efficiency, scalability, and maximize profits.


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Ship smarter, faster.

Watch how our Transportation Management System takes the complexity out of shipping and puts control in your hands.

  • Gain Visibility into orders
  • Build shipments in seconds with order consolidation and route optimization
  • Automate tendering of shipments to your lowest cost carriers – private fleet, dedicated or spot market
  • Track shipment location, ETA and on-time performance
  • Automate the freight audit and payment of your drivers and carriers

Efficiency at Scale: Do More with Less

Transform your transportation and fleet management operations with less – giving you more time to scale and maximize profits.

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  • Seamless Freight Management: Take charge of inbound and outbound freight across all modes of transportation.
  • Automated Operations: Streamline processes such as rating, routing, tendering, carrier management, and scheduling.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly connect with your freight network through API, EDI, mobile app, and in-cab telematics.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Drive analytics and business intelligence practices with robust reporting capabilities and data access for ad-hoc reports.
  • Mobility on the Go: Benefit from a cloud-based system and a mobile app that provides automated notifications and alerts, enabling you to stay connected and responsive even when away from your desk.
  • Configurability: Personalize your modern experience, optimizing it for your specific processes and workflows, giving you the flexibility to tailor the system to your unique needs.

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Cloud-based Platform

Unlock the potential of our cloud-based solution with rapid implementation, swift updates, and top-notch security. Because our solution is cloud-based and not on-premise, you can get up and running in no time. With an average implementation time of 3-4 months, you can start getting ROI sooner.

  • Effortless Implementation: Get started swiftly and seamlessly.
  • Quick Updates: Stay ahead with the latest features and enhancements.
  • Robust Security: Ensure the safety of your sensitive data throughout your logistics journey.

Our cloud-native solution accelerates efficiency, providing a dynamic and secure platform for your logistics operations.

Shippers Rely on PCS TMS to Simplify their Transportation Operations



Having all transportation-related data and metrics so easily accessible in the PCS system helped us to make more accurate, effective decisions in transportation.

Doug Walter
Director of Supply Chain Management, Aurora Organic Dairy

PCS has helped us to streamline processes, improve visibility, and reduce costs, allowing our team to spend more time on strategic projects to find new carriers, negotiate rates, and improve our operations.

Director of Transportation
US Consumer Packaged Goods Company

PCS has enabled Wastequip to control our entire transportation operation from a single platform across all divisions.

Jon Calder
Director of Logistics, Wastequip
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Get More Out of Your Existing Tech

Our TMS seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack including your ERP and EDI, enhancing visibility into your operations, enabling informed decisions, and fueling the growth of your business. Choose PCS to prioritize what matters most and drive your bottom line forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A TMS streamlines your entire shipping and transportation process, from sourcing quotes and booking drivers and commercial carriers to tracking shipments and managing invoices. It saves you time, money, and frustration by automating tasks, optimizing routes, and providing real-time visibility into your entire transportation operation. Learn more about What is a TMS.

Any business that ships products, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from a TMS. This includes manufacturers, growers, distributors, retailers, e-commerce companies, and more. If you manage multiple shipments per day or face complex logistics challenges, a TMS can significantly improve your efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Modern TMS solutions are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal IT expertise. PCS offers onboarding support and training to ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, cloud-based platforms eliminate the need for installing and maintaining software on your own servers – which makes implementation easy and faster.

The cost of a TMS can vary depending on the features, functionality, and volume of your shipments. PCS offers pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. Schedule a demo to see how PCS can save you time and money.

Ready to unlock smoother shipping and smarter decisions?

Dive into the power of PCS TMS for Shippers with a personalized demo. See how our Transportation Management System simplifies workflows, boosts visibility, and drives cost savings – all in one intuitive solution.

  • Witness the magic: Experience AI-powered optimization, real-time tracking, and automated quote management in action.
  • Tailored insights: Get a personalized demo showcasing how PCS TMS meets your specific shipping needs and challenges.
  • Expert guidance: Our dedicated team will answer your questions and guide you towards logistics bliss.

Take control of your supply chain and unlock new efficiencies. Request your free demo today!