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Transportation Management Systems (TMS) help trucking companies manage freight and goods more effectively, including transportation planning, dispatching, fleet management, accounting, and reporting.

PCS TMS for Carriers and Brokers integrates with the rest of your trucking business technologies to increase visibility, make smarter decisions, and grow your company. With PCS, you can focus on what matters – while driving your bottom line.


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Dispatch Simply, From Anywhere

TMS for Carriers streamlines dispatching for modern carriers, offering a mobile app for dispatching anywhere, automating updates, and simplifying communication. It helps by automating redundant back-office tasks, freight and equipment matching optimization, and intuitive trip building so you can move more freight. If you want to save time on repetitive tasks so you have more time to deal with exceptions, schedule a demo with us today.

  • Dispatch from anywhere with the PCS mobile app
  • Automate updates to reduce repetitive tasks
  • Save time with one-click dispatching for drivers
  • Effortlessly handle TL/LTL and intermodal dispatches
  • Streamline communications with all parties

Fleet Management Made Easy

Our TMS for Carriers simplifies fleet management to help you save time, maximize productivity, and make profitable decisions, featuring tools for easy organization, compliance, and fuel efficiency. Our TMS allows you to stop managing your fleet with spreadsheets or multiple technologies by bringing all your data into one single system so you can increase productivity, track all your costs, keep compliant, and be proactive about maintenance. If you’re interested in knowing more about our fleet management tools in our TMS for Carriers, book your demo.

  • Leverage fleet-specific insights to make profitable decisions
  • Save costs on fuel with efficient route planning and detailed reports
  • Optimize carrier and rate management, and streamline scheduling.
  • Store invoices, images, files, and reports in one place
  • Quickly link drivers, trucks, trailers, and companies with one click
  • Built-in safety and maintenance reminders for a safer fleet
  • Stay on top of compliance and maintenance with automatic notifications
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Accounting Designed for Trucking

Powerful accounting—directly from your TMS. Our built-in accounting module gives you the clarity you need to make decisions that increase your bottom line. Switch to a trucking-focused accounting solution that manages AR/AP, payroll, driver settlement, integrates with our dispatching and fleet management, saving time and providing better business insights. See it in action with a demo from our accounting specialist.

  • Streamline financial processes with automated data entry, tax forms, and more
  • Simplify driver payments with automated payroll
  • Access and act on financial insights with PCS reports
  • Manage finances from anywhere with our cloud-based platform

Powerful Reporting for Trucking

PCS Reports empower better business decisions and profitability with actionable insights tailored to your needs. Offering customizable, user-friendly reporting, PCS simplifies compliance, optimizes fuel and mileage, and provides comprehensive coverage through detailed profitability reports, all designed to keep you informed and in control of your business's financial health.

  • Access detailed profitability reports
  • Customize dashboards for your business needs
  • Optimize fuel and mileage for your fleet
  • Simplify compliance with automated filings
  • Control your data with unlimited exporting capabilities

Driver Management and Communication with Mobile PCS

To compete successfully, modern carriers and brokers need flexibility throughout their businesses. Unfortunately, too many of these companies are still tied to a computer to run their operations. Mobile PCS answers these challenges with a streamlined application that allows you to manage your freight, maintain compliance, and make better-informed decisions on the go and with ease. Dispatches can create and rate a load and transmit it directly to the driver from the app.

  • Create loads from anywhere.
  • Dispatch TL/LTL/INT loads.
  • Fully track your assets.
  • Two-way messaging to your drivers.
  • Keep track of your business with mobile reporting and dashboards.

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4 Steps to Simplify the Buying Process of a new Transportation Management System

Are you beginning the process of searching for a new TMS? Investing in a TMS can save you time and money, so selecting your provider should be thought out carefully. This article outlines four easy steps to simplify the process.

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Before implementing PCS, things were more complicated. It was about managing spreadsheets and dispatching drivers from truck stops. PCS organized and simplified our operations.

Pablo Munoz
Founder, Munoz Trucking

The software is a must. It allows us to operate and manage both the daily operations and the accounting operations of our business.

Mitchell P.

I can run customizable reports and see how healthy my business is day to day. Everything is simple and reliable.

Jason C.

Some of the Carriers Who Rely on PCS | TMS

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Frequently Asked Questions

PCS TMS helps carriers enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction by offering reliable accounting made for trucking, a free mobile app for your drivers, tracks driver and safety compliance, monitors truck maintenance and provides clear reports to help you make better decisions.

Answer: We provide dedicated customer support to assist carriers with any questions or issues. Additionally, training resources and documentation, including PCS University, are available to ensure you make the most of PCS for your business.

After the contract is signed, most carriers can be up and running between 30 and 90 days.