FreightNet - a network designed to connect Shippers and Carriers for FREE.

A dynamic and free-to-use network allows quality Carriers to register and share their preferred lanes and assets directly with big-brand Shippers.


Enables Carriers to maximize market exposure to Shippers and expand their business opportunities

PCS Shipper customers can leverage the ability to connect with quality Carriers within their TMS or register their private fleet to gain visibility into backhaul opportunities and reduce empty miles. Direct access to quality Carriers eliminates confusion and enables more effective partnerships.

  • Carriers who meet PCS quality standards are admitted.
  • Shippers sign up your private fleets to mitigate running empty.
  • PCS Shippers get visibility into Carriers preferred lanes and assets.
  • PCS Shippers can connect directly with carriers straight from their TMS.
Asset 1


  • Build profitable relationships.
  • Access quality Carriers that run your desired lanes.
  • Keep your trucks moving by gaining visibility into backhaul opportunities.
  • Eliminate confusion, connect directly with Carriers.
Asset 2


  • Build profitable relationships.
  • Post your preferred lanes.
  • Connect with leading brands.
  • Maximize the opportunity for more loads.