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PCS Software Quarterly Innovation Update – Q1 2023


HOUSTON, Jan. 17, 2023 — PCS, an AI-powered, all-in-one cloud transportation management system used by shippers and carriers to seamlessly manage end-to-end business operations, announces its Q1 release with enhancements and changes that boost productivity and improve user experience.

Existing users and companies considering implementing PCS’s powerful platform will be pleased to learn of four exciting developments:

  1. Optimized dispatch with PrimeExpress, PCS’s innovative AI-driven transportation management platform (TMP)
  2. Geofencing capability with an upgraded interface for mobile users
  3. New integration partners including MyCarrierPackets
  4. Intermodal pre-scheduling capability to simplify logistics involving multiple modes of transportation

Optimized Dispatch
Manually matching drivers with loads while accounting for location, equipment, and hours of service is a cumbersome, time-consuming task for logistics experts at companies operating anywhere along the supply chain. Prime Express optimally matches loads, assets, and drivers within networks across supply chains, and streamlines dispatch by automating the process. Using artificial intelligence to consider every variable, this effective, easy-to-use software drives revenue and offers quick ROI by lowering fuel and deadheading expenses.

Geofencing Capabilities
Fleet monitoring with geofencing, the use of GPS data to create an electronic geographic boundary, is critical to the financial success of today’s shippers and carriers. PCS’s 2023 Q4 release includes that essential geofencing capability. Logistics departments can see up-to-the-minute status and location of every truck without calling drivers, reducing on-site and wait times and improving on-time delivery rates. Aware that all of today’s internet use is evenly split between mobile and desktop devices, with mobile posed to take the lead, PCS is always working on improving mobile usability. The current release offers a new interface for mobile users that includes easy access to geofencing data and notifications.

Added Integration Partners
PCS routinely partners with the transportation logistics industry’s leading technology providers to enable a seamless, end-to-end workflow for software users. The latest product release includes a partnership with MyCarrierPackets to ensure that every truck under supervision is carrying all necessary documents and that those documents are complete and ready for inspection. Sharing paperwork among shipper, broker, carrier, and driver is simplified.

Intermodal Pre-Scheduling
High caliber logistics often involve a need to move freight via more than one mode of transportation. The latest PCS release includes tools that dispatchers can use to preschedule that intermodal delivery, saving time and money by eliminating the need to wait for drivers or equipment to become available. No more spreadsheets, no more guessing, no more wasting time or money watching the clock.

About PCS Software
PCS Software is a cloud-based, AI-driven transportation management platform leader fielding disruptive innovation for mid-to-large sized enterprise shippers, carriers, and brokers in the United States and Canada. PCS automates the entire transportation logistics operation via a single, comprehensive solution. Accessible via the web or the companion mobile app, the PCS platform delivers powerful functionality to manage rate and route optimization, mode selection, dispatch/tendering, carrier and fleet management, safety & compliance, freight yard management, settlement/accounting and more.

Professionals interested in learning more about how PCS can improve operations and lower expenses at their business can schedule a one-on-one product tour at