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NetSuite Integration Enhancements featured in PCS 2023 Quarterly Product Release


HOUSTON, October 27, 2023 — PCS Software, an all-in-one cloud transportation management system that Shippers and Carriers use to manage end-to-end business operations, proudly unveils its latest release. This update encompasses a range of enhancements and innovative features aimed at amplifying productivity and elevating the overall user experience.

Continuing our tradition of quarterly innovation updates, our Chief Customer Officer, Alan Shaw, emphasizes, “This release underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering more value to new and long-standing customers. Staying attuned to our customers’ needs and evolving as they grow and expand is essential. This particular release is of significant importance to customers leveraging NetSuite, Samsara, and PCS Mobile, as it promises enhanced integration capabilities and improved communication across their systems.”

Carriers currently using or considering PCS will be pleased to learn the following enhancements have been successfully implemented and are readily accessible within the PCS TMS and mobile application.

NetSuite Integration Enhancement: Posted Transactions

Customers with NetSuite can now post their invoices, bills, and accounts receivable documents with full load information directly to their NetSuite platform, reducing the time required to create these accounting transactions separately in NetSuite. Posting accounting documents with final load details eliminates potential errors and increases the speed at which a payment can be processed and submitted to the customer from NetSuite.

Samsara Enhanced 2-Way Integration (BETA)

Our enhanced 2-way integration now allows carrier customers who utilize Samsara as their ELD provider to seamlessly relay dispatch-to-driver information directly to their drivers via the Samsara device in their truck’s cab. Document uploads and load-related notes submitted from the driver to the dispatcher will be synchronized and automatically added to the load notes for enhanced reporting and operational efficiency.  This enhanced functionality is critical for driver and dispatcher communication as dispatchers must quickly communicate important route information to their drivers to secure on-time delivery and pick-up. Drivers will appreciate the usability of receiving and sharing updates through a single device, their Samsara ELD.

PCS Mobile – Enhanced Photo Imaging

Enhanced photo imaging has been upgraded to the camera features within PCS Mobile to provide drivers enhanced photo quality of their documents. Automated image cropping, brightness and contrast filters will ensure the documented photos are submitted in almost near perfect condition, resembling a computer scanned document. Dispatchers will receive quality images of driver submitted documentation which will decrease the time it takes to process payment with their customers.

PCS Mobile – New Brokered Driver Functionality

Customers can now effectively manage brokered load information directly through PCS Mobile to maximize their network of drivers. Enhanced 2-way communication between dispatchers and drivers will be captured with tracking accessible in the mobile app to create a seamless process for sharing load updates and submitting images to speed up payment and reporting process for brokered loads.

PCS Mobile – Trucker Payroll Now Easier to Access

Drivers who utilize the Trucker Payroll function of the Carrier TMS can now access directly through PCS Mobile. Drivers can utilize and locate their clock in, clock out, paid time off requests and HR documents in a more streamlined way, directly from the mobile app, reducing the time it takes to manage this information in different web browsers and tools.

About PCS Software

PCS is a leading provider of transportation management solutions, dedicated to empowering transportation and logistics companies to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and maximize profitability. With a suite of advanced software tools, PCS supports Shippers and Carriers in managing their end-to-end transportation processes, from planning and execution to compliance and analytics. Committed to innovation and customer success, PCS continually enhances its product offerings to address the evolving needs of the industry.