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PCS Software Quarterly Innovation Update – Third Quarter, 2021


The company shares recent advancements, including platform enhancements, new capabilities and strategic partnership integrations

HOUSTON – October 20, 2021 – PCS Software (PCS), the leading AI-powered transportation management (TMS) platform provider for shippers, carriers and brokerages in North America, continued to build on its innovation efforts in the third quarter by implementing new capabilities, announcing strategic industry partnerships and streamlining operations for its customers. These efforts were concentrated in four key focus areas: automation, mobility, payments, and user experience (UX).


Throughout the quarter, PCS Software enabled more third-party integrations and subsequently added several new features to the platform that help deliver true end-to-end automation. First, PCS now offers its customers access to Business Intelligence giving them added data and interface capabilities. By leveraging Business Intelligence, shippers and carriers alike will no longer have to manage their data manually, but instead have unfettered access to all data and the ability to distill key data automatically across their networks to create custom reports and dashboards.

Further, PCS has completely integrated with QuickBooks, TruckerTools, Project 44 and GeoTab to bring together the functionalities of multiple systems into one, easy-to-use interface, including:

  • QuickBooks enables automatic transmission of accounting transactions and instant processing for accounting teams,
  • TruckerTools and Project44 both power real-time tracking capabilities for contract carriers, and
  • GeoTab’s electronic logging device (ELD) compliance products and services are now accessible through the PCS mobile application and are fully integrated within TMS platform.


To untether logistics professionals from their desks and take management on the go, PCS has added new capabilities to its Mobile Express app, including Asset Tracking & Management and Mobile Dispatch. Now, both office personnel and dispatchers can access the locations of their tractors, trailers and loads through the mobile application versus solely at their desktop. Additionally, dispatchers can now dispatch directly from their mobile device, as well.


During Q3, PCS released PCS Payments, giving users the ability for their customers to pay online, eliminating the need for manual processes like submitting checks. Once paid, the records are automatically logged into the accounting system, streamlining back-end operations for users.

New features have been added to the tool.  In addition of credit card method of payment, customers can also pay the invoices by ACH – a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment – and have the option to charge back (surcharge) the processing fees to end customers.

User Experience

Lastly, to improve User Experience, PCS has debuted a redesigned customer portal that allows customers to log into the portal directly from the website and create and track support tickets and system changes requests. New customers also now have the ability to track implementation status from the portal, as well.

“The supply chain landscape continues to rapidly evolve and face challenges unique to the industry. To help our customers make running their business easier, PCS Software understands that our platform needs to continually offer the latest and greatest capabilities and experiences,” said Paul Beavers, chief technology officer at PCS Software. “As peak season nears, innovations around these core functionalities – namely automation, mobility, and contactless payments – will be critical to ensure companies can be successful on the road.”

About PCS Software

PCS Software is an AI-driven transportation management platform leader fielding disruptive innovation for mid-to-large sized enterprise shippers, carriers, and brokers in the United States and Canada. Cloud-based, API-integrated, PCS Software automates the entire transportation logistics operation via a single, comprehensive solution. Accessible via the web or the companion mobile app, the PCS platform delivers powerful functionality to manage rate and route optimization, mode selection, dispatch/tendering, carrier and fleet management, safety & compliance, freight yard management, settlement/accounting and more. For more information, please visit