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PCS Software Improves Shipment Routing And Service For Sapphire Gas Solutions


HOUSTON, March 16, 2023 — PCS Software (PCS), the leading all-in-one, artificial intelligence (AI) transportation management platform for shippers, carriers, and brokers, announced that Sapphire Gas Solutions (Sapphire) has gone live with PCS’s Shipper Transportation Management System (TMS) Platform. Sapphire is an industry leader in mobile Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) with turnkey services across the United States, accumulating over 60 years of experience in natural gas service and transportation. The successful implementation of the PCS Shipper TMS to optimize shipment planning and execution allows Sapphire to improve shipment scheduling and on-time delivery performance for its LNG and CNG customers.

PCS Shipper TMS is a cloud-native platform that manages shipment planning, dispatch, tendering, and carrier payments. The Shipper TMS platform automates and optimizes inbound and outbound freight across all transportation modes with automated order and shipment consolidation, rating, routing, tendering, carrier management, private fleet management, and scheduling.

“PCS has allowed us to automate & optimize our transportation processes, lower our cost structure, and improve service.”

Sapphire has implemented the PCS platform to manage its private fleet and contract carriers across the Energy Management and Field Services divisions. PCS Shipper TMS provides Sapphire with a broad range of capabilities, including dispatching, pickup and delivery scheduling, freight payments, and audit. In addition, Sapphire is using PCS’s new Prime Express capability to optimize driver assignments and automate dispatching loads.

“We are excited to have fully implemented the PCS Shipper TMS Platform,” said Patrick De Ville, Sapphire’s Executive Vice President, Energy Management. “PCS has allowed us to automate and optimize our transportation processes, lower our cost structure, and improve service to our customers.”

“PCS is proud to partner with Sapphire Gas Solutions to improve transportation efficiency and visibility with Prime Express,” said Alan Shaw, PCS’s Chief Customer Officer. “We look forward to working together to provide outstanding service to Sapphire’s customers and support Sapphire’s continued growth.”

About PCS Software

PCS Software is an AI transportation management platform leader driving disruptive innovation for mid to large-sized enterprise shippers, carriers, and brokers in the United States and Canada. Cloud-based, API-integrated, PCS Software automates the entire transportation logistics operation via a single, comprehensive solution. Accessible via the web or the companion mobile app, the PCS platform delivers powerful functionality to manage rate and route optimization, mode selection, dispatch/tendering, carrier and fleet management, safety & compliance, freight yard management, settlement/accounting, and more. For more information, please visit PCS Software.

About Sapphire Gas Solutions

Sapphire Gas Solutions is a turnkey virtual pipeline services company with a diverse fleet of mobile CNG, LNG, and recompression equipment – for methane recapture and mitigation – and a growing footprint in the RNG market. Sapphire provides temporary and permanent gas supply for utilities, pipelines, industrial users, power generation, and more, as well as logistic support for multiple dairies from coast to coast, transporting RNG to market when pipeline infrastructure is unavailable or not near the renewable gas source. With 60 years of experience in natural gas service, transportation, and construction, Sapphire’s team is committed to quality, safety, and reliability. Sapphire promises North America’s most comprehensive natural gas energy management solutions available.

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