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PCS Announces 2023 Quarterly Innovation Update: Newest Product Includes Updates to Enhance and Improve User Experience


HOUSTON, May 17, 2023 — PCS, an AI-powered, all-in-one cloud transportation management system used by Shippers and Carriers to seamlessly manage end-to-end business operations, announces its most recent release with enhancements and changes that boost productivity and improve user experience.

Shippers and Carriers using or considering PCS’s powerful platform will be pleased to learn of two important new features:

  1. Load Tagging with Express TMS
  2. Custom Dispatch Check Call Statuses

Supported by numerous enhancements, these new features combine to make the integrated, easy-to-use PCS platform more powerful and effective than ever before.

Load Tagging

The latest release includes a ‒Load References– screen in the System Setup, providing users with the option to add and display up to 25 reference numbers within their dispatch confirmations, dispatch manager, and invoices. This feature is applicable to all three load classes, TL (truckload), LTL (less than truckload), and INT (intermodal).

With the new load tagging feature, users will be able to identify and track specific loads throughout the transportation process quickly and easily. Transportation managers can now leverage real-time visibility to monitor the movement of freight and goods more efficiently from origin to destination, improving coordination, optimizing routes and schedules to ensure timely deliveries, and reducing their carbon footprint by cutting down on wasted time and resources.

Custom Check Calls

Express users now have the ability to input custom dispatch check call statuses within the system, providing our customers with the flexibility to personalize their dispatching experience. This enhancement includes: the ability to add custom check call statuses to the status list, and the ability to change all load status descriptions. The new custom load status descriptions can be used in the dispatch manager filters, allowing for more efficient visibility and customization for our customer’s operations.

Feature Enhancements and Improvements

In the latest release, minor bugs have been fixed and numerous features have been enhanced and improved, including:

  • Automatic load status update after credit approval (Carrier)
  • HERE Maps Updates (Carrier)
  • Carrier-specific rate confirmations (Carrier)
  • Updated ‒Payroll Batch Manager– screen for quick access to necessary information (Carrier)
  • Easy trailer type selection for more accurate optimizations (Prime Express)
  • ‒Code/SKU– column for quick access of unique reference numbers (Carrier)
  • Browse page filter enhancements (Shipper)
  • Additional Freight Audit Columns (Shipper)
  • Mapping of new X12 EDI Segments (850,204,214) (Shipper)
  • Appointment scheduling through the Mobile Application (Shipper)

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