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Webinar: Managing Fuel Surcharges in the TMS

Join Paul Beavers, Chief Technology Officer, and Kyle Puryear, Lead Demo Engineer, as they lead you through the why and how of using fuel surcharge management to stay on top of profitability.


Reduce Risk with Visibility

Visibility can go beyond simple track-and-trace functions to help managers with strategic decisions and be used with new tools to optimize load planning efficiency and accuracy. TMS platforms with artificial intelligence (AI) now have all the resources that shippers and their carriers need to work smarter and faster. Learn more in our latest vlog.


Customer Success Story: Black Forest Logistics

Pat Touchard describes how Black Forest Logistics (started by himself and two other veterans, Todd Showalter and Kevin Showalter) leverages the efficiency of the PCS Transportation Management Platform to generate more money and focus on customer relations to build their business.

Customer Success Story: Issa Logistics

Hear from Majed Issa, Ron Bice, and Sunny Gill at Issa Logistics as they describe how business processes improved and efficiencies increased by switching to the integrated PCS Transportation Management Platform.

Fighting for Fuel Efficiency in Manufacturing Supply Chains

Analyzing the cost and environmental benefits of modern TMS technology The U.S. transportation sector’s consumption of diesel fuel resulted in about 432 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). That equates to about 26% of total U.S. transportation sector CO2 emissions and about 9% […]

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