Appointment Scheduling

  • Real-time carrier notification of available loading docks/doors, hours of operation, and loading times for each dock.
  • Carriers select from a list of available appointment times displayed onscreen.
  • Fixed appointment times for each carrier at a given facility can be set up when the carrier is added to the system.
  • Appointment times can be supplied on the order. Pickup and/or Delivery Appointments can be set in your order management system and transmitted to UltraShipTMS along with the other order information via EDI, prior to offering a load to a carrier.
  • Appointments can be scheduled off-line and carriers can be required to log their appointment times in the system.

Dock Scheduling

  • Vendors may access scheduling interfaces via the UltraShipTMS Vendor Portal to determine scheduling availability. They may also reserve dock/door time from among the available open slots.
  • The system produces system-generated messages to be issued to DC management whenever a dock/door is scheduled or released. DC management may also view the entire schedule for global view of daily DC throughput.
  • Dock users may also be afforded access to reserve docks as may be needed for maintenance, storage or any other reason.