Transform Your Logistics Operations Power Up to a Transportation Management Platform

Stop running your logistics operations on spreadsheets laden with manual processes and power up to the PCS Shipper Express platform.  You can automate up to 90% of your manual processes, manage carriers and fleet resources on a single screen, reduce empty miles, and go paperless!

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Improve Efficiency, Control, and Visibility in the Management of Carriers & Fleets

Optimize Routes, Rates, and More

With the Loadfusion Optimizer you can use an AI-fueled optimization engine for freight, rate, route and mode rationalization -- includes sandbox modeler and easy drag-n-drop interface for effective planning.

Automate Scheduling

Automated scheduling of pickups, deliveries, dock doors/bays and more with visibility for all stakeholders - transportation, vendors, customers, etc.

Manage Private Fleet

Driver and equipment dispatching and history, backhaul mgt., driver payroll and more all with telemetrics integration from this module for managing fleets alongside common carriers.

Track Assets on the Yard

Close the visibility gap between TMS and WMS with a Yard Management Solution to keep track of the location of all assets on the yard. BYOD and use existing WiFi and/or 3G cell service.

Take Control of Transportation Logistics

PCS Shipper Express is an AI-driven Transportation Management platform with an award-winning user interface to deliver the most efficient routes, schedules, and loading models. Large shippers across North America move Retail, Food & Beverage, Manufactured Goods, and more using the powerful PCS Shipper Express TMS. This platform brings together Shippers, Carriers, & Brokers in one, unified platform.

Rationalize modes, rates, & routes. Increase lead times & improve on-time delivery. Minimize empty miles & reduce fuel costs.

Automate invoice reconciliation. Leverage GL coding capabilities, accruals, and more. Set tolerances and allowances for unplanned accessorials. Get auditable records of all transactions.

Automate comparisons of freight invoices with calculated TMS rates. Detect duplicate invoices, unauthorized charges, rating errors and other common mistakes.

Run reports by carrier, geography, business unit, origin, destination, pool point, and more. Customize dashboards and KPI scorecards.

Run BI and Ad-Hoc Reports

Leverage your historical logistics data with the PCS Xport data service, delivering TMS data to your BI/Analytics software of choice – like Tableau, Power BI, Siense, etc., or directly into Excel spreadsheets. Harness invaluable transportation data collected in your TMS to: run custom, ad-hoc reports; Achieve data-driven decisions; derive demand planning; and perform complex supply chain analyses.

Bonnie Plants

Large US-based Consumer Goods Shipper Endorses PCS Shipper Express

“Easy to navigate and use. Have used many different systems in career and this one just seems easier to navigate. System was better than most I have used in my career.”

Ron S. Sr. Manager, Planning