From One Truck to a Fleet of 26: Lucid Transport's Transformational Growth with PCS

About Lucid Transport

Lucid Transport, founded by Corey Thompson, began as a passionate shipping and logistics venture with a single truck. As Corey recalls, "From our humble beginnings with a single truck, I've always been driven to push and grow. Today, we proudly operate a fleet of 26 trucks."

The company's growth wasn't merely about expanding its fleet. Corey's vision was clear: "Capture as much market share as possible, all while creating a company where drivers aspire to work."

Throughout its journey, Thompson and the Lucid team built its reputation on excellence in shipping and logistics with an unwavering commitment to serving its customers. Despite its success, Corey candidly admits, "Given today's volatile market conditions, our primary focus is on survivability." What kept Lucid afloat was the dedication of its staff and a commitment to ensuring every driver understands the nuances of the business. Corey emphasizes this saying, "The difference-maker for our company? It's undoubtedly our dedicated staff."

Challenges Before PCS

Corey reminisces about the pre-PCS days, saying, "Before our operations could best be described as 'organized chaos.' I even resorted to makeshift spreadsheets on my phone."

The major hurdles were:

  • Communication Hiccups: Dispatching was predominantly done via text messages and various apps, making coordination difficult.
  • Freight & Capacity Mismanagement: With operations feeling like a constant cycle of catch-up, Lucid lacked a clear view into freight needs and their capacity to handle it.
  • Financial Blind Spots: Tracking payments was a prominent challenge, leading to significant issues in financial management and customer trust.
  • Deteriorating Customer Relations: The inefficiencies in Lucid's operations were palpable to their clients. Corey sensed the shift, saying, "I could feel the vibe from our customers that they were thinking of switching to other carriers due to our constant back-and-forth issues."

Introducing PCS TMS

Recognizing the need for operational improvements, Corey turned to PCS after extensive research on TMS providers.

PCS was a revelation. It provided a reasonably priced and powerful solution for growing companies like ours.

As Corey delved deeper into the software, its value became evident. "The more I dug into it, the more it clicked. There were moments I got stuck, but I'd just call, and PCS would guide me on my computer. Instead of doing it for me, they walked me through it, so I really got the hang of it."


Streamlined Communication and Dispatching

Before adopting PCS's Software, Corey's dispatching process was riddled with inefficiencies, heavily relying on text messages and multiple apps. The fragmented system made daily operations cumbersome, with Corey noting how "handling everything through texts was rough."

After integrating PCS, a significant transformation occurred. Corey could now proactively schedule dispatches for an entire week, ensuring seamless coordination. This shift not only reduced the daily operational stress but also ensured timely deliveries and consistent communication with drivers.

"Once I got the hang of the software, everything clicked. I could set up for the whole week, just monitor updates. Life got a whole lot easier."

Enhanced Freight Forecasting and Capacity Management

Before embracing PCS, Corey's approach to freight management was chaotic. He often found himself mired in a continuous cycle of reacting to current challenges, making it tough to plan for the future. He recalls, "It was all jumbled up, and I was always chasing what was currently happening, feeling like I was just running in circles."

After implementing PCS as their TMS provider, Corey could anticipate freight needs with greater accuracy and understand the business's capacity better. The newfound clarity allowed him to strategize for the future rather than merely responding to the present.

With PCS, I can now foresee our freight needs and understand our capacity. It's no longer about just trying to keep up-- but about planning ahead.

Financial Accountability and Clarity

Lucid Transport grappled with the complexities of financial management, especially when it came to tracking payments. PCS integrated accounting system offered a solution. Corey put it succinctly, "Before PCS, tracking payments was a logistical nightmare. We spent countless hours verifying invoice claims with our customers."

With PCS, Lucid gained real-time financial insights. This not only improved their day-to-day financial management but also helped shape their growth strategies. Equipped with this clarity, Corey's team could make informed decisions and fortify their financial operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Before PCS, Lucid's clients often felt frustrated due to a lack of transparency, especially regarding payments and shipment tracking.

PCS TMS directly addressed this pain point by offering real-time shipment visibility to both partners and customers. This clear line of sight not only built trust but also made Lucid's operations more transparent. The easy-to-use platform enabled Lucid to handle customer inquiries quickly, reducing previous frictions. As a result, Lucid saw a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction, reinforcing their market reputation.


Lucid Transport's journey with PCS underscores the importance of integrating technology for modern logistics. From a single-truck to a fleet of 26 trucks, Lucid's success is a testament to visionary leadership, dedication to service, and the transformative power of the right tools.

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Fast Facts About Lucid Transport

  • Company Type: Shipping and Logistics
  • Founded by: Corey Thompson
  • Location: Wilmer, Texas
  • Founded in: 2018
  • Started using PCS: 2018
  • Services offered: Domestic Shipping across the U.S.; International Shipping globally; Specialty Freight for fragile and hazardous materials; Intermodal & Temperature-Controlled Shipping.
  • Growth: From a single truck to a fleet of 26