Issa Logistics Boosts Efficiency and Streamlines Operations with PCS

About Issa Logistics

Founded in 2014 by Majed Issa, Issa Logistics has rapidly expanded from just two trucks to a fleet of 65 trucks, including company-owned and owner-operator vehicles. Issa’s commitment to improving operational efficiency led them to switch to PCS's Transportation Management System (TMS), which they've been using for just over a year with great success.

PCS has made it significantly easier for everyone, from dispatch to drivers, boosting overall efficiency and simplifying communications.

Majed Issa

Founder, Issa Logistics

The Challenges Before PCS

Initially, Issa Logistics utilized various TMS systems that were inefficient and cumbersome, which complicated daily operations and communication within the company.

"We tried many TMS systems. They were good, but not efficient, and felt very redundant compared to PCS that we're using today."

The Results

Since adopting PCS, Issa Logistics has experienced a transformation in their business processes, leading to increased efficiency and improved ease of use across their operations.

Here are a few of the results Issa saw after implementing PCS:

Better Operational Efficiency

Issa has improved efficiency in all its processes. The end-to-end TMS offers a straightforward, all-in-one solution that makes daily tasks easier for dispatchers and drivers alike, reducing the need for multiple applications and redundant processes.

"Everything is there in front of you to see, previous load, next load with miles. It's just there in front of you, which makes things very easy."

Streamlined Communication and Documentation

PCS has simplified the way Issa Logistics communicates with customers and drivers. With real-time updates and all essential information in one place, the need for repetitive emails and phone calls has drastically reduced.

"The PCS mobile app has made such a big difference because instead of the drivers having two, three different apps open... it's all in one."

Customer and Driver Satisfaction

The PCS system has improved the way Issa Logistics manages customer relationships and driver interactions. Customers have direct access to updates through PCS, and drivers manage all their tasks through a single, user-friendly application.

"Our customers can directly interact with us through PCS. This centralized system simplifies communications, making everything much easier than before."

Reliable Support and Easy Adaptation

The support from PCS has been a significant factor in the smooth transition and continued use of the system. The accessibility and helpfulness of the PCS support team have made a considerable impact.

"The initial training set us up well, and whenever we had a question, a quick phone call got us an immediate response. That level of support really sets PCS apart."


PCS has been a game changer for Issa Logistics, enabling them to streamline their operations, make communication more effective, and improve satisfaction among customers and drivers. This advanced integration of technology has allowed Issa Logistics to maintain a competitive edge in the logistics field while focusing on growth and efficiency.


Fast Facts about Issa Logistics

  • Company Type: Trucking and Logistics
  • Founded: 2014 by Majed Issa
  • Headquarters: Operating in multiple locations
  • Fleet Size: 65 trucks
  • Uses PCS for: Comprehensive transportation management and real-time communication
  • PCS Customer Since: 2021

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