How Wastequip, LLC Streamlines Operations, Enhances Data Accuracy, and Gains a Competitive Advantage with PCS

About Wastequip, LLC

Wastequip, LLC is North America’s leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment, created to provide a one-stop shop for large national haulers. Today, Wastequip has an extensive North American manufacturing and service footprint and best brands in the industry.

From residential homes to job sites to specialty needs across the country, Wastequip is the industry leader in the development and distribution of products that transport waste from its original sources to its endpoint – to where it belongs.

Challenges Before PCS

Before implementing PCS, Wastequip struggled with disconnected TMS solutions for TL and LTL, leading to hand keying errors and making analysis nearly impossible. The company needed a unified, modern TMS solution connected to their ERP system to optimize data collection and analysis, and PCS emerged as the ideal partner to meet these needs.

Introducing PCS’s Advanced TMS

Wastequip chose PCS due to its ability to meet expedited implementation timelines and provide essential features at a value-added price point. PCS’s user-friendly software enabled Wastequip to control its transportation operation across all divisions from a single platform, allowing for quick problem resolution and efficient analysis.

"PCS was able to meet our challenging implementation timeline enabling an on-time go-live date with no major issues."

The Results

Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Data Accuracy

PCS has significantly streamlined Wastequip’s operations, allowing for quicker, more intuitive problem resolution and analysis. The all-in-one TMS provided by PCS has eliminated the need for hand keying and has significantly reduced errors, ensuring that Wastequip’s inbound and outbound shipments are more accurate and reliable. This has allowed the team to focus more on strategic tasks, enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency.

PCS has enabled Wastequip to control our entire transportation operation from a single platform across all divisions.

Market Competitiveness and Customer Satisfaction

The software’s efficiency and intuitive design have enabled Wastequip to maintain competitive pricing and secure a leading position in the market. The enhanced data accuracy and operational efficiency have also led to improved service delivery, ensuring total customer satisfaction and reinforcing Wastequip’s reputation as a market leader in the waste industry.

The software enables WQ to keep transportation costs in line with the market so we are able to adjust our pricing faster than our competition, enabling WQ to win in a competitive marketplace.

Enhanced Analysis and Strategic Decision-Making

With PCS, Wastequip has been able to conduct nearly instantaneous analysis to ensure their rates remain at or below the market. The enhanced data accuracy and availability have empowered Wastequip to make more informed and strategic decisions, aligning their operations more closely with market dynamics and customer needs.

"Having the entire company’s inbound and outbound shipments in the same place has allowed for quicker problem resolution and nearly instantaneous analysis to ensure our rates remain at or below the market."


Wastequip, LLC has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency and market competitiveness through the implementation of PCS’s advanced TMS. This all-in-one software has streamlined operations, enabled quick and efficient problem resolution, and facilitated strategic, informed decision-making. The result is improved service delivery, increased customer satisfaction, and a reinforced position as a leader in the waste handling equipment industry.

PCS has provided the necessary functionality for my team to monitor and achieve our KPIs which has led to significant savings and a competitive advantage to our industry peers.

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Fast Facts About Wastequip, LLC

  • Company Type: Waste Handling Equipment Manufacturer
  • Goal: To uphold organizational values while maintaining a performance-driven culture with clear goals and accountability
  • Services Offered: Comprehensive range of waste handling equipment, parts and service solutions
  • Started using PCS: 2022