How Voyager Express Transformed their Trucking Operations with PCS

PCS has streamlined our operations and brought efficiency to every aspect of our business.

Andrew Suciu

Chief Strategy Officer at Voyager Express

About Voyager Express

Voyager Express, a leader in the truckload industry, specializes in trucking and logistics services primarily in the Detroit area. The company stands out with its technology-first approach, multi-modal capabilities, and top management team with roots as CDL drivers. Voyager Express prides itself on offering specialized transportation solutions, including Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) services, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries in complex and demanding production supply chains.

The Challenges Before PCS

Voyager Express faced several challenges before adopting PCS. They needed an all-in-one solution integrating intermodal and accounting capabilities. Their traditional methods were limiting growth and efficiency.

PCS Implementation

Voyager Express selected PCS TMS for Carriers for its comprehensive features, including accounting and dispatching capabilities. The implementation process was tailored to their growth, starting from a 10-truck operation to over 200 trucks, providing structured growth.

The Results

1. Improved Operations and Business Insights

Voyager Express has improved its operational efficiency with PCS. The shift from traditional methods to PCS's advanced TMS has led to fewer errors and increased productivity, particularly in dispatching and fleet management. This has enabled more informed decision-making and better resource management.

2. Improved Financial Management and Reporting

PCS's accounting features have transformed Voyager Express's financial operations. The shift to PCS TMS has streamlined expense tracking, aging reports, and collections. This improvement has reduced the billing cycle time to 2-3 days post-delivery, significantly improving cash flow.

3. Streamlined Dispatching and Load Management

PCS has optimized Voyager Express's dispatching process. Moving from traditional load boards to PCS’s efficient dispatch feature has improved management of truckload and intermodal dispatching. The integration of GPS data ensures accurate tracking and timely updates, contributing to a 98% on-time pick-up and delivery rate.

4. Mobile App Utilization and Driver Engagement

The PCS mobile app has significantly impacted Voyager Express's daily operations. Over 75 drivers from Voyager use the app for activities like load management and paperwork submission, streamlining communication and reducing processing time. The app's ease of use has also improved driver satisfaction by providing quick access to dispatches and settlements.


The implementation of PCS has been pivotal in transforming Voyager Express from a traditional trucking company to a technology-driven leader in the industry. Their journey with PCS is a testament to how the right TMS solution can catalyze growth, elevate operational efficiencies, and drive customer satisfaction in the competitive world of trucking and logistics.

PCS has reshaped the way we work – it's a complete game-changer for us.

Andrew Suciu

Chief Strategy Officer at Voyager Express

Fast Facts About Voyager Express

  • Industry: Trucking and Logistics

  • Specialization: Multi-modal, JIT/JIS Transportation

  • Founded: 2009

  • PCS TMS Customer Since: 2012

  • Fleet Size: Grown from 10 to over 200 trucks