How Muñoz Trucking Inc. Retains Drivers, Grows its Fleet, and Improves Operations with PCS

About Muñoz Trucking Inc.

Muñoz Trucking Inc. is a multigenerational family-owned business with over 25 years of experience in the service industry, offering best-in-class service in the field of trucking and freight services.

Founded by Pablo Muñoz, the trucking company was inspired by Pablo's father, Angel, a truck driver. From its inception 29 years ago, the company has evolved, embracing advancements in technology to optimize its operations and provide exceptional service to its customers. Pablo's vision is to continue growing the company while fostering a positive and inclusive environment for his team.

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Challenges Before PCS

Before implementing PCS, Muñoz Trucking Inc. was managing its operations with traditional methods, utilizing tools like Excel spreadsheets and conventional load boards at truck stops. The company had growth goals, and they wanted to keep their customers happy, but the old ways were making these goals hard to reach. They saw that they could make their work and communication clearer and more organized with the right TMS solution. They were looking for simpler, modern solutions to keep improving and to serve their customers better.

Muñoz Trucking Inc. was forward-thinking and looked for ways to get better, wanting to keep up with the changing needs of the trucking world. The company wanted to raise its level of work, looking for smoother, more efficient, and connected ways to help their customers and make their internal processes work better.

Introducing PCS TMS

Enter PCS.

After recognizing the need for a more efficient system, Muñoz Trucking Inc. chose PCS as their TMS provider, drawn to its user-friendly interface and responsive customer service. The implementation process was smooth, and the company utilized the training tools provided by PCS to educate new employees on their operations.

PCS is so user-friendly. It helps us analyze productivity, organize operations, and improve driver retention. We save time, reduce headaches, and make operations simpler for our team.


Improved Operations and Business Insights

Integrating PCS Software has made a huge difference for Muñoz Trucking Inc., allowing the team to tidy up their operations and cut down on mistakes. Before using PCS, managing details and data was a struggle, with the company relying heavily on manual methods. With PCS, they’ve been able to make their workflows smoother and more connected, reducing errors and letting the team focus more on their main tasks without unnecessary distractions.

PCS offers stronger insights into costs, customers, and drivers, helping Muñoz Trucking Inc. make smarter business decisions. It’s helped them manage their resources more effectively and identify areas that need improvement, leading to better service for their customers and stronger growth for the company.

"Before implementing PCS, things were more complicated. It was about managing spreadsheets and dispatching drivers from truck stops. PCS organized and simplified our operations.”

Stronger Driver Retention by Optimizing Operations

With PCS, Muñoz Trucking Inc. has made its operations simpler and more efficient, which has had a positive impact on keeping drivers happy and on board. The easy-to-use system means less stress and more focus on the important tasks, creating a better work environment for everyone. This improvement is crucial in the logistics industry, where keeping skilled drivers is key. The team can now spend more time on delivering great service to their customers, thanks to the reduced operational hassles and time savings provided by the software.

Growth and Expansion

With PCS Software, Muñoz Trucking Inc. has experienced substantial growth, growing its fleet and broadening its range of services. The company is poised to acquire an additional 20 trucks, reflecting its unwavering commitment to continual expansion and excellence in the industry.

Muñoz is diligently optimizing operational costs and prioritizing driver retention and customer happiness, essential components for sustaining its growth.

We are focused on growing our customer base, expanding our services, and sending our people for more training and certification. We are also working on buying more trailers to grow our fleet.

Pablo Munoz


Muñoz Trucking Inc. has always been committed to delivering unparalleled service to its customers, and the integration of PCS Software has been a cornerstone in achieving this commitment.

We recommend PCS because of the excellent customer service. They always answer any queries we have and are always available to assist us. The software is also very simple and user-friendly.


Fast Facts About Muñoz Trucking Inc.

  • Company Type: Trucking and Freight Services
  • Founded by: Pablo Muñoz in 1994
  • Services offered: Dependable on-time delivery, transloading, storage, and lumper services across the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico, with a focus on loads coming in & out of Mexico.
  • Started using PCS Software: 2013
  • Growth: From a small family business to a fleet of 160 trucks