How Bonnie Plants Streamlines Operations, Drives Cost Savings, and Improves Visibility with PCS Software

About Bonnie Plants

Founded in 1918 in Union Springs, Alabama, Bonnie Plants started with a couple’s ambition to grow and sell cabbage plants. From their modest beginnings, the company has blossomed into a national presence, offering nearly 300 varieties of vegetable, herb, and fruit plants to people across the United States. Bonnie Plants stands committed to helping Americans cultivate their own food, reinforcing this commitment with extensive gardening resources and a commitment to quality and accessibility.

The Challenges Before PCS

Before PCS Software, Bonnie Plants struggled with manual and inefficient processes. They heavily relied on spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls for dispatching—leading to significant inefficiencies and data gaps.

In search of a solution, Bonnie Plants turned to PCS Software. They needed a robust Transportation Management System (TMS) to enhance shipment tracking, manage costs better, and improve operational visibility.

Brandon Shierling

We tracked all the shipments on two master Excel spreadsheets. There’s a lot of data that was lost... a lot of shipments that went untracked. We weren’t tracking shipment data or the volume we were moving.

Brandon Shierling

Logistics Manager, Bonnie Plants

The Results

"We were able to lay out kind of what we wanted to see... PCS really knocked it out of the park."

Streamlined operations

Implementing PCS Software revolutionized Bonnie Plants’ operations by automating previously labor-intensive tasks. This change significantly minimized the reliance on manual communications, such as emails, phone calls, and text messages, enhancing overall efficiency and streamlining their operations.

"The automation saves us so much manual work; it cuts out a lot of emails, phone calls, and text messages."

Improved visibility

PCS significantly enhanced the visibility within Bonnie Plants’ operations, leading to a tangible improvement in how the company tracks and manages its logistics and supply chain activities. This newfound visibility facilitated a more detailed and real-time overview of the entire transportation process, from initial dispatch to final delivery.

"We’re very pleased with the visibility we have, and it’s improving every single day."

Cost savings and improved financial planning

PCS TMS transformed Bonnie Plants’ budgeting and cost management processes, leading to cost savings and more effective financial planning. By enabling strategic shipment planning and fleet utilization, the software improved operational efficiency—saving on business costs in their shipping operations.

"Having TMS software in place to track’s 10 times easier."

Brandon Shierling

PCS Software has revolutionized our operations, especially in managing costs and improving visibility across our transportation network.

Brandon Shierling

Logistics Manager, Bonnie Plants

In Conclusion

The adoption of PCS has been a game-changer for Bonnie Plants, streamlining their operational capabilities, improving data visibility, and driving cost efficiencies. The transition from manual processes to an automated TMS has empowered the company to focus on growth and maintain its commitment to providing quality garden plants nationwide.


Fast Facts About Bonnie Plants

  • Founded by: Bonnie and Livingston Paulk
  • Founded in: 1918
  • Expansion: Base in Alabama, Bonnie Plants has 87 facilities across 43 states, allowing them to ship fresh produce to any address in the U.S. in two days
  • Mission: Empower home gardening and provide reliable gardening information
  • Uses PCS for: End-to-end transportation management

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