Owner-operator fleet grows rapidly, expands services after beginning a partnership with PCS Software in 2020. 

The Challenge:

 When Fast Trac was founded in March 2018 it began using a commercial dispatch system for the oilfield industry. Becky Romero, chief financial officer, was content with the system’s dispatch and payroll functions but found the accounting module deficient. 

The system was batching transactions and “you couldn’t get drill down and detail out of the general ledger,” she said. “I’ve got to see the details, and so we began looking for a system that could do it all.” 

Romero evaluated several cloud-based transportation management systems (TMS). Most lacked an integrated accounting module, and “having to input data in QuickBooks® to do a financial statement is not what I call easy,” she said. 


“In the next 2 years we hope to double our fleet and add $25 to $30 million in sales. PCS Software gives us everything we need to take on new lines of business.”


The Solution:

After evaluating various TMS products, Fast Trac deployed Carrier TMS from PCS Software in May 2020. The company immediately benefited from using the system’s integrated dispatch, accounting and mobile fleet management modules. 

“Since day one we have used 100 percent of Carrier TMS,” Romero said. “Having everything in one package is important. This is by far the best TMS I have come across.” 

The Results:

Carrier TMS simplifies and automates workflows for Fast Trac’s diverse business operations. The system’s intuitive dashboards and reporting features help Romero monitor company-wide financial performance and drill into transactional data at a granular level. 

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for Carrier TMS gives Fast Trac the advantage of having zero overhead to back up and secure data. The company also gets immediate access to software updates that address its evolving business needs. 

Ongoing benefits from deploying Carrier TMS include: 

Automating shipment visibility. Fast Trac recently implemented the Geotab ELD telematics platform. Integration with Carrier TMS provides no-touch load tracking updates for customers. “That helps a lot,” Romero said. Previously, dispatchers were manually calling drivers or using the website of its previous ELD vendor to give customers shipment status updates. 

Enhancing dispatcher-driver communications. Fast Trac uses the Mobile Express system that gives drivers many work conveniences such as instant messaging, electronic capture of proof-of-delivery receipts, and tracking their dispatch assignments and settlements through a smartphone app. “We are encouraging all drivers to use it,” Romero said. 

Scalable growth. When opening new locations, Fast Trac can quickly setup and deploy Carrier TMS with little user training, due to the comprehensive and intuitive workflow. During its four years in business, the company has opened 22 terminals and plans to open many more. 


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