Driving Growth with PCS Software: How Ferrara Transport Boosted Profits, Saved Time, and Amplified Productivity

About Ferrara Transport

Ferrara Transport, under the vision of its founder Chris Ferrara, emerged from a humble hotshot one-man trucking operation to become a staple trucking company and brokerage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

From its inception, Ferrara Transport has always aimed to provide superior service, valuing both regional and national clients equally. Their exponential growth and the passion to deliver unparalleled service is evident in every move they make.

Challenges Before PCS Software

Outdated Dispatch Management System

In the early stages of Ferrara, the company leaned on the traditional approach of using whiteboards and spreadsheets for dispatch management. While this method might have sufficed in the infancy of the business, it became a significant impediment as the number of trucks and drivers grew. The lack of a modern digital system made it challenging to track deliveries, manage resources effectively, and maintain a smooth workflow.

Before I left, we were using basically whiteboards and spreadsheets to manage most of our dispatching.

Lack of Historical Data Access

The ability to quickly reference historical data is paramount in logistics. Ferrara Transport Services struggled with gaining insights from past operations due to the limitations of their bookkeeping software and rudimentary spreadsheets.

As Ferrara expanded its operations, the need to look back at historical data to make informed decisions became evident. Without an efficient method to track past operations, the company was in a position where they couldn't leverage previous successes or learn from past mistakes.

"We used to text drivers for dispatching loads, so we didn't have much of a history on what was done."

Consistency in Superior Service

A major challenge for the company was establishing consistent and repeatable processes that align with their customer-first ethos. The lack of a sophisticated system made it difficult for Ferrara to maintain their standard of service, which emphasized the urgent need for a more streamlined process.

Introducing PCS Software's AI-Driven TMS

Upon recognizing these challenges, Ferrara Transport Services decided to transition to PCS Software's AI-Driven TMS. The decision wasn't just about upgrading software—it was about completely redefining how Ferrara operated, communicated, and grew as a business.

By harnessing the power of AI in their TMS, the company aimed to streamline its processes, enhance customer relations, and gear up for a future defined by innovation and adaptability.


Improved Operational Insight = Smarter Decisions

With PCS Software, Ferrara Transport Services saw a big change in how they looked at their operations. The AI-driven TMS made it easy to see what was happening right now and what went down in the past, helping them make better calls for the future.

"What I really like about the software is it lets us look back over any time span we need. If we've done a run before, we can check out how long it took, the bumps we hit, and use that when quoting. Basically, that old data helps us figure out our next moves better."

Boosted Productivity = Financial Gains

After incorporating the PCS Software into their daily operations, Ferrara Transport Services began to witness a noticeable uptick in their productivity levels. While the team was still navigating the full range of the software's capabilities, the early stages of implementation itself hinted at promising financial benefits. The potential to train their team more effectively means not just saving time and money but also amplifying revenue streams.

We’ve seen a productivity boost. And I'd say it's helping us save time, save money, and make more money. We've still got more to learn and squeeze out of the software, but it's already making a difference.

Enhanced Processes = Elevated Customer Service

Leveraging PCS Software, Ferrara Transport Services dramatically improved their consistency in operations. By obtaining a clearer view of their processes, they ensured that every decision and action prioritized their customer-first philosophy. This operational enhancement translated directly into more reliable and efficient service for their clientele.

"We believe that in order for us to provide a superior service to our customers, we need to know what we were doing, and have an accurate account for not just the past but what we're doing now, so we can manage our processes better. With PCS, we've seen an increase in our communications with the customers and to give them a more real-time update and outlook of what we're doing."


The journey of Ferrara Transport, from its modest beginnings to its rapid expansion, underscores the importance of adapting to the digital age.

PCS Software's AI-driven TMS proved to be a game-changer, addressing their pressing challenges and paving the way for a future of growth and excellence. Their experience stands as a testament to the significance of leveraging technology in the transport and logistics industry.

Throughout my career, I've explored different software systems, but PCS Software stands out. It's not only user-friendly as it is now, but I've heard it's set to become even better. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it.


Fast Facts about Ferrara

  • Founded by: Chris Ferrara
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Location: Baton Rouge, LA
  • Company Type: Hotshot company, with a brokerage arm
  • Services offered: Construction Hauling, Equipment Hauling, Flatbed Hauling, Hotshot Delivery, Heavy Hauling, Industrial Hauling.
  • Growth: Started with one truck; now operates 21 trucks and trailer combinations with 20-23 drivers employed.
  • Started using PCS Software: 2022