Shippers Save Time, Money and Get Added Conveniences with Cloud-Based TMS

TMS solutions were among the first enterprise applications to move to the cloud, and software-as-a-service is the preferred deployment model today. Cloud-based TMS solutions save time, money and give shippers a scalable solution that can grow with their business. 

These were among the points made by Chris Noble, senior product manager of PCS Software, when he recently discussed the benefits of cloud based TMS systems with Adrian Gonzales, president of Adelante SCM and host of Talking Logistics.

One of the primary benefits is the ease of use. On-premise solutions require extensive investments in hardware and data redundancy, such as server racks, and an IT team to maintain these systems. On-premise solutions also need a disaster relief plan or secondary service in case something goes wrong. 

With SaaS, the provider takes care of data redundancy and security, which all but eliminates the overhead for maintaining IT systems, since everything is in the cloud and accessed via the internet. “It is on the software provider to have the 99.5% uptime. They’re leveraging the solutions that are out there,” Noble said.

Cloud-based solutions are also portable and can be accessed from anywhere, providing added convenience. Even more important is the scalability that cloud-based solutions offer. With SaaS, companies can scale up and down as their needs grow. 

For companies looking to invest in a transportation management system for the first time or replace an outdated solution, Noble said they should look for a scalable, modular type of TMS solution to navigate the road ahead. 

Besides evaluating whether a TMS meets your present needs, Gonzales emphasized the need to consider future needs, such as if you decide to add a private fleet.

“As the business changes and business needs change, you want a solution that will be there for a long time,” Noble said. He added that TMS providers are continually making investments in software to make it better, faster and stronger. 

View this short video to see the full discussion that Noble and Gonzales had about the latest developments in cloud-based shipper TMS systems.