Keep Drivers Happy, Save Money: Minimize Dwell Time

In the trucking industry, a happy driver is a loyal driver. One key to keeping drivers content, and your bottom line healthy, is minimizing dwell time – the time drivers spend waiting to load or unload at facilities.

Studies show dwell time is a major pain point for drivers. A 2019 survey by the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) revealed it eats up a significant chunk of their workday – between 18% and 33% of their available driving hours. This not only translates to frustration, but also cuts into their earning potential.

But the impact goes beyond driver satisfaction. Shippers with high dwell times often face higher costs. Here’s why:

  • Detention charges: Excessively long waits trigger detention fees, a financial penalty for exceeding a designated unloading/loading timeframe.

  • Higher linehaul rates: Carriers factor dwell time into their pricing. The longer drivers wait, the more they may need to charge to compensate for lost productivity.

By prioritizing quick turnaround times, shippers can achieve a win-win situation. Here’s to happy drivers, efficient operations, and cost savings!

Streamline Dock Operations with PCS TMS for Shippers

Our TMS for Shippers provides Dock management tools to help Shippers optimize their dock utilization. You can define available appointment times, dwell times, and premise time so carriers can deliver within your parameters. Give carriers visibility and allow them to participate in delivery times to ensure you can meet both your drivers’ and customers’ expectations. Transform your shipping and receiving operations into a well-oiled machine, boosting efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Dock Scheduling and Yard Management tools work together to optimize the flow of trucks and trailers at your shipping or receiving facility.

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