Is the Software You Use Built For Transportation?

November 8, 2020

Evaluating trucking software is a lot like buying a vehicle. You don’t really know what you’re getting until you look under the hood. With our software, there is some serious firepower that drives our engine.

Plenty of software offerings may look fast and flashy at first glance, but once you get into the system, you find you are spending more time managing and adjusting your software than actually running your business. 

Properly built trucking software requires a combination of robust development, a user-friendly experience, and industry knowledge. With PCS, we provide powerful software with a simple interface that accelerates your business operations. 

Avoid Information Overload and Increase Efficiency

If a software system has every bell and whistle but it isn’t user friendly, user adoption becomes a serious challenge. Many trucking software companies cram too much data onto every screen, overwhelming users with information overload and poor context. 

Users are forced to constantly navigate through unnecessary information. Businesses and users need easily digested data to quickly access entry fields or pages with a simple keystroke or click. 

Our software is designed for high-speed and user-friendliness. Our streamlined dashboards display only the important data on every screen allowing you to manage workflows in effective and productive ways. 

Improve User Performance

PCS is constantly studying user behavior to improve technologies for our customers. We focus directly on making each user in every department more efficient, smarter, and positioned to deliver more value. 

We’ve designed our software to work with user behaviors and trucking industry needs, not to overcomplicate them with unnecessary steps and processes. Our software allows businesses to immediately engage with evolving situations by drawing the user, almost instinctively, through the data entry and collection process.

Why PCS 

Siloed transportation management software reduces productivity, speed, and revenue. With PCS, automation puts you in control by removing manual booking processes, inefficient dispatching, and poor management. 

Trucking companies trust PCS because our people know trucking inside and out. We provide software that enables users to easily manage their accounting, dispatch, and fleet – all in one place. With PCS, modern tools lead to better productivity and more revenue for customers. 

Learn how customers have increased revenue and found success with PCS.