Supply Chain Power in Sharing One Unified Platform

Our AI-driven TMS platform, PCS Express, is the only TMS purpose-built to bring Shippers and Carriers together in one, powerful marketplace. With hundreds of new Carriers coming on board, it’s a one-stop-shop where you can instantly see market rates, compare Carriers, and add new lanes at a moment’s notice.  

At the same time, Carriers looking for new loads and trying to avoid deadhead miles can instantly find your freight availability.  

All cylinders of the supply chain firing better together! 

The Better Together Program 

We believe collaboration should be rewarded! Our Better Together program sweetens the deal when you encourage your top Carriers to join you on PCS Express.  

Here’s how it works:  

  1. We give you all the info you need to convince your top Carriers why they should join you on the PCS Express platform.
  2. They request a demo, love what they see, and sign a contract with PCS
  3. You receive revenue for the lifetime of the Carrier’s PCS contract*
  4. Being together on the PCS platform means you have full Carrier Fleet track and trace in real time! So you always know the ‘where, when and who’ for your loads and lanes

A Win-Win For You and Your Carriers

Enjoy even greater visibility and control over your logistics operations: 

  • Know where all your loads are and their ETAs in one complete view  
  • Quickly find Carrier availability by lane 
  • Communicate directly with your Carrier dispatcher with one click  
  • Use one source for carrier quality ratings, insurance coverage and driver compliance data  

For Carriers, it’s a direct line to you and other Shippers on the PCS platform, with unique advantages like: 

  • Carrier Address Book that lets Carriers expand their network and appear before some of the largest shippers in the industry in an exclusive, searchable directory
  • Load Heatmap that provides a real-time view of available loads and locations where PCS Shippers have available freight

Let’s do this!

You can make your PCS Express platform an even more powerful supply chain management asset when you bring more Carriers to the party! Enjoy greater visibility and control for more informed logistics decisions, while you make more money. We’d call that a win-win!  

If you’re ready to talk about joining the PCS Express family and how you can get in on the Better Together revenue rewards program, call us today at (800) 474-8241 

*Subject to program terms and conditions.