Partner Newsletter

Tom Farinacci SVP Channel Sales

Tom Farinacci
VP Partner and Channel Sales

Hello PCS Customers & Partners,

Welcome to the latest edition of the PCS Partnership Newsletter! Tom is privileged to represent the exceptional Partnership ecosystem that’s evolved over the 25+ years since the introduction of the PCS Platform. Like every member of the company, he is here to help you “Save Time, Save Money, and Make Money.” All while reducing your Carbon Footprint.

At their core, PCS Integrations and Partnerships drive the innovation that keeps all of us ahead of the power curve.

The Quarterly Partnership Newsletter is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Shine a light on the Integration Partnerships helping PCS customers thrive.
  • Establish a central source of information regarding New and Existing Integrations.
  • Provide important updates surrounding the PCS Platform as it relates to Partnerships and Integrations.

May 2023

PCS Partner of the Month Spotlight

Bitfreighter brings a new, unlimited approach to EDI! Gone are the days of worrying about adding new EDI connections due to the high costs involved. Bitfreighter’s revolutionary approach means customers pay one, affordable, monthly rate per shipper…everything is unlimited after that. No volume charges, transactional charges, or character charges.

May 2023
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PCS Unveils New Integration Partner Page

PCS is proud to re-launch our Integration Partnership page in a fun, intuitive, and dynamic new format. Explore the 72+ Integrations across 23 different Technologies with which PCS partners.

technology partners page

May 2023
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PCS Launches New Integration Nomination Form

At PCS, we’re always looking to partner with integrations that’ll help our Customers Save Time, Save Money, and Make Money. All while Reducing their Carbon Footprint! Toward that end, we’ve established a centralized location where you can nominate an Integration to join the PCS ecosystem. Once completed, the Integration Nomination Form goes directly to the PCS Partnership Team for review.