Enjoy Your Exclusive Benefits

  • First in line. Always.
    Included is a direct, prioritized support line ready to help you 24/7.


  • Integrate Everything.
    With unlimited API Integrations, all your tools can connect to TMS Express.


  • Harness Every Feature.
    Every feature (past, present, or future) is included in your Diamond package.  This includes the powerful Asset Tracking Management and the brand new Xport features.
Prioritized Customer Service
Unlimited API Integrations
The Full Power of TMS Express

Meet Your Personal Diamond Expert ​

Richard Patray

Richard is ready to be your dedicated point of contact during your day to day operations. Richard brings over 5 years of dispatch experience and 16 years in the trucking industry to his world-class customer support role.
Support line: (800) 646-1806
Mobile: (346) 980-9518
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