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Shippers & Carriers, we just made your day

Operate. Automate. Optimize. Let PCS Software lead the way with our new easy-to-use transportation-related data and metrics AI platform.
The PCS Prime Express Platform enables you to leverage smarter, more accurate, and more effective transportation decisions. Elevate your business with the innovative technology it deserves.

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Operate, Automate & Optimize Critical Processes:

Stay on top of every load with Asset Tracking & Management.

Roll out the power of real-time visibility. Instantly see the location and status of every tractor, trailer, driver, and load. And do it all on any device!

So, if you’re in the business of everything from carpet production to transporting home appliances and furniture, our new PCS Prime Express Platform brings the big benefits home.

Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start today!

Our LoadFusion Optimizer equips you for the best haul possible.

An integral part of our new PCS Prime Express Platform, the LoadFusion Optimizer is an AI optimization engine for freight, rate, route, and mode rationalization. So, you minimize empty miles and reduce fuel costs.

Our new PCS Prime Express Platform supplies your business with the future-forward, AI-driven technology you need to compete, and win. Whether you’re moving serious freight or moving mountains, that’s one heck of a load off your shoulders.

Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start today!

Want to increase lanes, loads, and profits? Our proprietary accounting tools will take you there.

PCS Prime Express comes loaded with accounting automation that’s like a wide-open road for doing business better and enjoying a bigger bottom line.

Automate tendering, spot bids, and accessorials. Auto-tender Open loads, reduce errors in POD and billing, get paid faster, and best of all, close the books faster & easier. It’s automatically possible as soon as you come on board our PCS Prime Express.​

So, if your transportation business handles anything from freight to logistics and you want to move forward, our new PCS Prime Express Platform will take you there.

​Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start today!

    ​See how Advanced Scheduling delivers Total Visibility.

    So, which supplier/carrier is offering you the best rate? Not a question you need to ask with our PCS Prime Express Platform. This AI-driven, All-in-One Transportation Management Platform instantly supplies those answers for you. Then it performs the automated scheduling of pickups, deliveries, dock doors/bays and loads more with visibility for all stakeholders.

    Not to mention, it allows you to move more loads per truck, improve load planning & matching, maximize the use of your equipment, and just plain move more freight. Put it all together, and that’s how we empower your company to make more money.

    Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start today!

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