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  • Learn the operational advantages of being on a unified transportation management platform
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  • Discover how your transportation management platform can build stronger partnerships between shippers, carriers, and other supply chain stakeholders


Level Up Your Transportation Management Platform Capabilities

Shippers and carriers can exist in a community. When you put them under the same umbrella in a way that’s cohesive, you really gain an end-to-end transportation ecosystem.

Everything from the ERP side when the order drops through planning and execution, driver assignments, carrier management, payment, it’s all together and integrated within an updated UI. It isn’t just bolted together — it actually belongs together.

- Chris Noble, PCS Software

By participating in a more collaborative transportation ecosystem, shippers and carriers gain benefits such as:

Directory of Carriers on Platform

Sharing a platform with carriers makes it easier for
shippers to locate and view data about vetted and performance-tested transportation providers in new or existing lanes.

Real-Time Access to Rates and Capacity

Carrier rates can fluctuate wildly based on a broad range of market factors, including fuel prices, time of year, capacity availability, supply chain disruptions and much more. Sharing a transportation management platform with carriers helps shippers access the most up-to-date rate data to avoid overpaying.

Access to More Loads in Virtually Any Lane

Carriers gain access to a large pool of loads from shippers participating in the platform. This enables the carrier to enter new lanes more easily or reduce empty backhaul miles without searching load boards or relying on brokers.

Access to Real-Time Market Rates

Given the volatile nature of carrier rates, it can be difficult for carriers to bid competitively. Consistent overcharging can damage a carrier’s brand name among shippers, while frequent underbidding will hurt the carrier’s bottom line. Having access to up-to-date rate data from shippers and other carriers through a TMP helps carriers to price their services effectively.


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