7 Key Checkpoints For Your 2022 Transportation Plan

As a manager of transportation, you are likely expecting some tough questions after another year of volatility. To help you navigate these conversations with your team and help finalize your 2022 transportation plan, we have put together this guide in conjunction with leading industry analyst, Adrian Gonzalez of Adelante SCM. Included with this report are some key carrier research statistics generated by the Adelante SCM group, and some important considerations, including: 

  • Leveraging spend, contracts and mix
  • Carrier relationships that keep your freight moving
  • Benchmarking rates
  • How to minimize dwell time for drivers
  • Key technology investments

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What's Included?

As we put our transportation plans and budgets together for 2022, shippers are asking:

  • What’s going to happen with rates and capacity?
  • What about fuel?
  • Should we do an annual procurement bid or more mini-bids?
  • How do I prepare for the year ahead?

In this guide, we have outlined some checkpoints to help you on the road ahead.
– Adrian Gonzalez, Adelante SCM/Talking Logistics

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