The Sky is the limit

You plan on growing your business. You’re aware that growing revenues mean increasing complexities and demands. Is your software system able to keep up? Is your software company able to keep up? If you aren’t sure of the answers, then you need to look at a software system that’s pre-built and ready for even the most demanding structural and operational situations. One that’s backed by a mature, sophisticated organization that uses exacting methods to produce superior results.

Rethink - Reevaluate - Recommend

At PCS Software, we understand the needs of the even the most developed transportation organizations. If your company has entrenched processes that are working for you, our software can complement them and enhance them. If you’re like most companies, however, you probably have processes that exist merely because of habit. These processes may need to be restructured and redesigned to take advantage of technology and for adaptation with current and future market conditions.

Our team of seasoned professionals will work closely with your operational management group to analyze what’s working well and what could be improved. With thoughtful consideration and an aggressive attitude towards increasing productivity, eliminating duplication and wasted efforts, we can deliver advanced automation that will results in real improvements to your company’s bottom line.

Proper Infrastructure = Long Term Compatibility

The ability of your IT infrastructure to maintain viability into the future is in no small way dependent on the underlying architecture, development environment and databases. These key components of the software engineering process are often overlooked by the consumer. It can’t be overstated, if your software systems were not developed for the long term, they will ultimately be replaced. As the history has told us, it will most likely be at a significantly higher cost.

Much like building a house, you can avoid the pitfalls that come with poor construction by getting informed on just how your chosen or proposed software system was made. At PCS Software, all of our development tools, components and hardware are top-grade, continuously refreshed, continuously upgraded and built to last. We use the most advanced tools and products in our development process.

When investigating software, look for the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Windows Server and Terminal Server
  • Extremely redundant Dell server arrays.

To be sure, this is not the low-cost software engineering and deployment environment. But it is what will deliver long term compatibility and performance. At PCS Software, we believe in high performance today and tomorrow. We’ve made the investment so you can be assured that your investment is well made.

Growth Management Is Included


Unlimited Users connected in Real-Time, 24-7 from anywhere, and that’s just the beginning. Our structure and data access methods allow an unlimited number of users to work within the same environment.

The key word here is unlimited. While most software companies would like you to believe that ‘unlimited’ comes standard with all software systems, the truth is that it does not. If the data management techniques and methods deployed by the software company are not done well, you may not notice until your company has dozens, if not hundreds of concurrent users, but when you find out, it will be obvious. Concurrency issues, time-outs, “screen freezes” will become the order of the day as your software struggles to keep up.

At PCS Software, we already run hundreds of users against single DB installations and thousands of users against multiple databases. There is absolutely no limit to the number of personnel within a single company that can use our system concurrently and every individual will experience consistently high-performance.


If your company operates multiple physical locations, our well developed, multi-office structure will allow your offices to share as much or as little data between them as you need. Offices can work together, sharing loads and equipment, or you can separate the offices so data doesn’t overlap; the choice is yours. This fundamental characteristic within our software is especially well suited for transportation companies that employ independent agents and need to isolate data between each agency. With our software, customer records, trucks, histories, rating and all other operational information can be shared or not, the choice is yours


Totally unique in the transportation software industry, our system allows for multiple companies with multiple tax ID’s to work together in a single database. Each company operates independently while personnel of your choosing are able to work across each division, operating within each and with the ability to produce the most advanced reporting anywhere in the transportation industry including consolidated balance sheets and income statements.


Our system can also be configured so that multiple companies work from separate databases. Each database is totally self-contained and portable. Though no constant connection is made between the databases, operational data can be transferred from one database to another. Our software is pre-configured to connect as many as six databases. Loads can be transferred from one database to another, or one company can broker loads to another company. Billing is handled automatically, and dispatch pay for the company hauling the freight is sent over by the company that originated the load. Essentially one company becomes the customer and one becomes the carrier, and vice versa, again, over as many as six databases. So, while no other TMS can create such an environment, at PCS Software, this ability comes standard with our TMS Express, both on-premise and online.

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