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Take control of your logistics operations in one consolidated view.

Our new PCS Prime Express delivers a proprietary, comprehensive TMS that connects all logistics ecosystems to simplify retail processes, and achieve smarter, faster decision-making. With improved end-to-end supply chain visibility, retailers of all shapes and sizes can implement smoother, streamlined operations that benefit their bottom line and keep their customers coming back for more.

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Operate,Automate & Optimize in Real Time:

Want to remain a viable operation?

Then you NEED to realize greater efficiencies, rake in more savings, and achieve bigger success. We make it possible. Our PCS Prime Express LoadFusion Optimizer is the only way to go!

An integral part of our new PCS Prime Express Platform, the LoadFusion Optimizer is an AI optimization engine for freight, rate, route, and mode rationalization. Its future-forward technology lets you minimize empty miles & wasted time, and reduces fuel costs, too.

Our new PCS Prime Express Platform energizes your business with the AI-driven tools you need to compete, and win. Save time, save money, and make money whether you’re transporting denim or carrying kitchenware.

Operate. Automate. Optimize. Let our PCS Prime Express Platform transform the way you run your business for the better. Start today!

Shippers and carriers, get the technology that takes a load off your shoulders.

Shippers, reduce the number of trips required to move the same amount of freight. PCS Prime Express technology analyzes individual orders you need to move and consolidates them into single trucks that run specific routes. The result? More power to you for saving loads of money by nixing unnecessary trips.

Carriers, lose a ton of empty miles. Our future-forward technology ensures the right driver is picking up the right load in the right sequence. This lets them pull the plug on the number of empty miles they run. As our carrier customers know, empty miles make for a hefty expense, whereas loaded miles lead to amped-up profits.

Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start today!

​Shippers and carriers, want to pump up profits? We’ll take you there.

Which supplier/carrier is offering you the best rate?

Our PCS Prime Express Platform automatically serves up the answers. Then it performs the automated scheduling of pickups, deliveries, dock doors/bays and loads more with visibility for all stakeholders.

​This leading-edge tendering solution means you can cut back on manual effort, increase capacity utilization, decrease turnaround time, and skinny up error rates.

Bottom line? You can optimize your operations, reduce costs, and sharpen your competitive edge.

Keep customers beating down your doors courtesy of our extensive API.

Automated and AI-driven, our new PCS Prime Express Platform includes over 100 native integrations with industry-standard tools, applications, and telematics.

The PCS Supply Chain Data Hub ensures easy, accurate data flow across the entire enterprise supply chain tech stack. Where vendors, customers, and partners are concerned, our PCS Prime Express Platform delivers critical, relevant data in real-time.

Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Move your business forward today!

TMS Industry Award Winner