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Shippers & Carriers, here’s why the big dogs run with our new PCS Prime Express Platform.

It’s like throwing your business a huge bone: PCS Prime Express is more than an All-in-One transportation management platform. It’s the comprehensive solution you’ve been looking for to save time, reduce costs, and dig up bigger profits

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Operate,Automate & Optimize in Real Time:

Why work like a dog? The PCS Prime Express LoadFusion Optimizer automatically enables greater efficiencies, more savings, and bigger success

An integral part of our new PCS Prime Express transportation management platform, the LoadFusion Optimizer is an AI optimization engine for freight, rate, route, and mode rationalization. Its future-forward technology minimizes empty miles & wasted time, and reduces fuel costs, too. Meaning you stay out of the doghouse.

PCS Prime Express supports your operations with the AI-driven tools necessary to bring out the beast in your business. So, you can compete, and win. Save time, save money, and make money whether you’re shipping tons of aquariums or the latest Fido-inspired treats.

Operate. Automate. Optimize. Let our PCS Prime Express Platform transform the way you run your business for the better. Start today!

Shippers and carriers, get the transportation management platform that takes a load off your shoulders, and lets you lose a ton of pet peeves.

Shippers, reduce the number of trips required to move the same amount of freight.
AI-driven, our new PCS Prime Express technology analyzes individual orders you need to move and consolidates them into single trucks that run specific routes. The result? Fetch less and save loads of money by nixing unnecessary trips. This is one transportation management platform that wastes no time in saving and making you money.

Carriers, fishing for an efficient way to eliminate empty miles? You got it. Our future-forward technology ensures the right driver is picking up the right load in the right sequence. This lets them cut out countless empty miles. Now, is that the cat’s meow or what? Because as our carrier customers know, empty miles make for a hefty expense, whereas loaded miles mean one thing: Cha-ching! For exponential success, go with the transportation management platform that’ll take you there: our new PCS Prime Express Platform.

Save time, save money, and make money. Start today!

​See exactly where your load is located anytime at all. Instantly. Advanced Scheduling from our new PCS Prime Express Platform delivers Total Visibility.

Want to know which supplier/carrier is offering you the best rate? Well, let’s just say curiosity is killin’ it: Our PCS Prime Express transportation management platform automatically serves up your answers. This leading-edge, All-in-One Transportation Management Platform instantly procures the best rates going. Then it performs the automated scheduling of pickups, deliveries, dock doors/bays and loads more with visibility for all stakeholders.

Save time, save money, and make money. Start today!

    Save time, save money, and make money. Start today!

    That’s right. Talk about a position of power! With our PCS Prime Express Fleet Management tools, you can pinpoint the location of everybody and every load all at once. This exceptional Fleet Management technology delivers automatic, optimized driver and equipment dispatching & history, backhaul management, automated driver payroll, among other future-forward features. PCS Prime Express: It’s the peerless transportation management platform that makes you one lucky dog!

    Save time, save money, and make money. Start today!

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