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Shippers & Carriers, Enjoy the crème de la crème AI-driven platform

Our new PCS Prime Express transportation management Platform makes it easy for you with our self-learning transportation-related data and metrics AI Platform.We’ll help your business milk the market for everything it’s worth courtesy of the leading-edge technology it deserves.

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Operate,Automate & Optimize in Real Time:

Our PCS Prime Express LoadFusion Optimizer automatically enables greater efficiencies, more savings, and bigger success.

An integral part of our new PCS Prime Express transportation management Platform, the LoadFusion Optimizer is an AI optimization engine for freight, rate, route, and mode rationalization. Its future-forward technology minimizes empty miles & wasted time, and reduces fuel costs, too.

PCS Prime Express supports your business with the AI-driven tools necessary to stay at the head of the herd, and win. Save time, save money, and make money whether you’re shipping organic half ‘n half or big loads of the country’s best ice cream.

Operate. Automate. Optimize. Let our PCS Prime Express Platform transform the way you run your business for the butter. Er, better. Start today!

Our breakthrough transportation management platform puts you on the path to success till the cows come home.

Shippers, reduce the number of trips required to move the same amount of freight.PCS Prime Express technology analyzes individual orders you need to mooove and consolidates them into single trucks that run specific routes. So, you can sit back and save loads of money by nixing unnecessary trips. Ask yourself: Can any other transportation management platform do that?

Carriers, don’t have a cow over empty miles. Eliminate them. Our future-forward technology ensures the right driver is picking up the right load in the right sequence. Which tells empty miles to get lost. As our carrier customers know, empty miles are costly, whereas loaded miles mean money in the bank.

Save time, reduce costs, and pull in bigger profits. Start today!

​Get the inside scoop on how our extensive API Integrations benefit your business. You’ll only find these many integrations on one transportation management platform!

Automated and AI-driven, our new PCS Prime Express Platform includes over 100 native integrations with industry-standard tools, applications, and telematics.

The PCS Supply Chain Data Hub ensures easy, accurate data flow across the entire enterprise supply chain tech stack. Where vendors, customers, and partners are concerned, our PCS Prime Express transportation management Platform delivers critical, relevant data in real-time.

Go ahead. Be the big cheese among competitive companies. Save time, reduce costs, and keep those profits rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. Move your business forward today!

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