Accounts Receivable

Our A/R Management System is designed from the ground up for trucking and only trucking, it will reduce your costs and get you paid faster. It’s robust, easy to use and totally integrated with Express Dispatch. This means that you can open a load right from the invoice. It also means that if you change load information after the load is invoiced, the invoice will update automatically. You’ll never be able to do this in QuickBooks or any other off-the-shelf accounting system.

  • Manages multiple A/R accounts simultaneously
  • Multiple search features embedded and accessible from anywhere
  • Running balance registers for all accounts, all with drill-down capabilities
  • Hundreds of unique reports, all with drill-down capabilities

Freight Billing

We deliver a better, faster, easier to use billing system that will get invoices out faster and with much less work. In fact, your invoices can be on your customer’s desk before the driver leaves the dock. On top of that, our invoices make you look good. As there are literally tens of thousands of our invoices on shippers’ desks on any given day, our invoices are some of the most recognizable invoices in the transportation industry. When your customers see our invoices, they know your company chose the right TMS.

Our Freight Billing System makes light work of high-volume billing.

  • Full load editing capabilities right from billing
  • Automatically audits freight charges prior to billing
  • Billing automatically inserts required documentation
  • Manages quick-pay systems, multiple payment terms
  • Full credit limit and credit approval management
  • Customizable OTR and Intermodal invoice styles
  • Single load, multiple load and accessorial billing

Payment Processing

This is the absolute fastest way to process invoice payments anywhere in the transportation industry. Our unique, innovative system is tuned and designed for high speed. You can post hundreds of payments in minutes, not hours, not days. Plus, our payment processing features manage all the complexities that arise when shippers make payment errors.

  • Self-balancing data entry
  • Manages short-pays and over-pays
  • Automatically posts discounts and quick pays
  • Payments can post to multiple customer accounts at one time

Collections Management

Accelerating your collections will improve your cash flow dramatically. If you’re still printing aging reports and highlighting old invoices, this is a better, faster way that will get you paid faster. The TMS Express Collections System will reduce your average days-to-pay by giving your personnel a better way of working. The result is more money collected at a lower cost.

  • Organized, effective collections activities management
  • Manages and reports on personnel performing collections activities
  • Access invoices, payment histories and collections records from one screen
  • Bulk fax and bulk email collections letters, account statements and invoices
  • Sets priorities by distributing collections efforts by days aged
  • Tracks short-pays, over-pays and unapplied funds
  • Search and group by office, customer and invoice
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