Proper Software Eliminates Work

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Bill Gates

Stated another way, if your company’s internal processes are not good, using software that mimics those processes isn’t going to help. In fact, it will make things worse. What’s the solution? Software that removes old processes and replaces them with new and efficient ways of working. Improved processes that require less time and lower your costs. Our software does more than give you a place to input information; it changes how you work, delivering more by helping you to do less, creating an optimal work environment and work flow that directly impacts your bottom line.

We believe in the concept that better software removes work. Our software improves performance throughout your company. Work that you used to do every day won’t have to be done at all. Spreadsheets you’ve been creating to help make decisions will become unnecessary. All inefficient practices are replaced with optimized processes that reduce the dispatching process to a few very basic steps and automate almost everything in accounting. When our software is operated properly, there is far less work to do for everyone in your company.

Paperless Like You Mean It

It’s a never-ending thing, paperwork. Paperwork may have been very necessary in the past, but today, it just drags down your bottom line. We take this issue seriously. Virtually every aspect of our software is designed so that paperwork is not part of the equation. Creating a purely electronic environment so you can access information, analyze data and make better decisions faster than ever before.

Time to Pursue Opportunities

Yes, opportunities exist. Growing your business profitably requires recruiting drivers, improving existing drivers and developing relationships with high-value shippers. To do this and remain profitable while doing it, you’re going to have to optimize your business processes and eliminate unnecessary work. The days where a trucking company could pour dollars into people pushing paperwork around their desks are over. Competition is intense and market forces are complex. Old fashioned ingenuity is required. Swapping out old, outdated ways of working and replacing them with modern, paperless, and in many cases, person-less processes is how it’s done; it’s how success is achieved.

Our Software Delivers

Creating modern, efficient work environments is what we do. Better software requires more than design skill and industry experience, it requires the ability to spot trends and anticipate advances. At PCS Software, we’re always moving our technology forward so our customers will always be ahead of all technological curves. The result is a continuously decreasing amount of work for our customers. We routinely analyze customer performance and product adoption success. We analyze how people work, how they think, even how furniture is arranged. Our objective is to eliminate steps and automate processes while still allowing you to decide for yourself how much flexibility you want and where you want it.

We know that sophisticated managerial control capabilities are essential. Smaller businesses may want individuals in the company to be able to go virtually anywhere and do anything in their software systems. Larger businesses want to departmentalize and distribute control within each department while simultaneously maintaining high-level control of departments. Our software has the built-in flexibility that allows your company to find that right mix of access and control to suit your business needs.

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