Our End-To-End TMS Drives Growth for Shippers, Carriers & Brokerages

1000s of companies trust the PCS platform to manage their business in one place. PCS is an AI-powered cloud platform with robust business functions designed for synergistic use by all transportation and supply chain logistics operations.

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Transform Logistics from Cost Center to Profit Center

AI-Fueled TMS Drives Savings and Visibility for Enterprise Shippers by:

  • Automating logistics planning, execution, and settlement
  • Leveraging strategic rate, route and mode optimization capabilities
  • Improving logistics visibility supporting data-driven insights
  • Controlling in- and out-bound transportation across all modes

Dispatch, Accounting, and Fleet Management on One Platform

  • Powerful TMS that integrates with top industry tools.
  • ELD and mobile features for automated compliance, driver communication and analytics.
  • All backed by customer service led by trucking industry experts.

See how Shippers and Carriers Benefit from Collaborative Technology

Shippers, carriers, and brokers can share data in a newer, faster way, driving more profitable operations and efficient supply chains by being on one transportation management platform. Download the eBook now to explore the benefits of a unified Shipper-Carrier transportation management system including:

  • Better informed decision making
  • Stronger business partnerships
  • Real-time access to rates & capacity for Shippers
  • Access to more loads for Carriers
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"We have grown from a 8 million dollar company to a 50 million dollar company in those 10 years. PCS has been able to develop new apps and processes for us to be successful."

- Dan Massalone, President, Pinch Flatbed

"Easy to use and a great group of people to work with. I have not found anything I do not like about the product."

- Daryl H., Director of Transportation

"From integrated accounting to an end-to-end platform, PCS helps trucking companies get the job done more efficiently."

- Heather Johnson, Director of Operations at Pinch Flatbed

"Easy to navigate and use. have used many different systems in career and this one just seems easier to navigate. System was better than most I have used in my career."

- Ron S., Senior Manager, Planning

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Our customer service team is staffed with specialists who have experience in the trucking industry. Their #1 goal is to support your needs, no matter what you’re dealing with. 

  • Easy-access customer service portal 
  • 24/7, 365 days a year support
  • Concierge service for Diamond customers
Easy-access customer service portal
24/7, 365 days per year
Concierge service for Diamond customers
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