Semi Truck Driver Fueling Diesel Truck

Keeping Your Fleet Rolling Shouldn’t be Stressful


PCS and Wex have teamed up to offer a single card solution to allow fueling at 18,000 truck stop locations in the U.S.  and Canada as well as nearly 200,000 gas and convenience stores (95% of all gas & convenience) across the U.S.

Adopting the PCS Express Fuel Card does not count against your number of integrations for Silver/Gold, so start saving today!

Partnership Highlights

Accepted at 95% of U.S. locations

More security and control than credit cards or cash

Reports and fuel expense tracking done automatically

Accepted at over 45,000 service locations

24x7, U.S. based customer service available to help

Discounts on fuel, auto parts, hotels and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Contact a sales rep to find out how to take part in the PCS and WEX partnership.

PCS carriers will be able to fuel at 99% of all truck stops (12,000 locations) and 95% of all gas and convenience stations (180,000).  The purchase price will always be the cash price at these locations and possibly less than cash price at participating truck stops that offer discounts!

The PCS card has the ability based on the customers preferences to buy anything inside the truck stop, gas, or convenience store.

  • The PCS card versus a credit card means automatic savings on every purchase of up to $0.12 cents per gallon in credit price upcharge.
  • The PCS card has about 2000 locations that offer a discount.
  • The average discount in the network is $0.25