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Shippers & Carriers, we just made your day.

​Want to move your business forward? You need the future-forward tools that’ll take you there. Our PCS Prime Express delivers the whole package. It’s the AI-Driven platform for Transportation Logistics with the power to enable you to operate more efficiently and profitably while transforming your entire business.

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Operate, Automate & Optimize in Real Time:

Let AI & ML help you gain efficiencies to save time, save money, and make money.

Do less, better. Let our AI-driven automation lead the way. It streamlines dispatching, sends assignments to drivers, gives you in-transit updates and more, all geared to save you countless hours. Not to mention, our All-in-One platform puts the awesome sauce on eliminating manual labor and reducing tedious tasks.

Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start today!

Access our superhighway to more bang for your buck with every truck.

Let our Capacity Management guarantee that you have the transportation resources necessary to move your freight.

Imagine: Instantly seeing the capacity you’ve got available to cover your freight. And there’s more: Our Driver and Capacity Management technology makes it a snap to manage and onboard commercial and dedicated carriers. Plus, it puts shippers in the driver’s seat by enabling you to maximize the number of loads per driver per time period.

Not to mention book more loads. All aboard for future-forward technology.

Save time, reduce costs, and pump-up profits. Start today!

Shippers and carriers, get a taste of bigger returns.

Shippers, reduce the number of trips required to move the same amount of freight. PCS Prime Express technology analyzes individual orders you need to move and consolidates them into single trucks that run specific routes. The result? Mission accomplished minus unnecessary trips adds up to big savings.

Carriers, lose a ton of empty miles. Our future-forward technology ensures the right driver is picking up the right load in the right sequence. This allows them to slash the number of empty miles they run. As our carrier customers know, empty miles make for a hefty expense, whereas loaded miles keep the revenue rollin’ in.

Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start today!

    Go the easy route with our LoadFusion Optimizer.

    Our new PCS Prime Express Platform runs an AI optimization engine for freight, rate, route, and mode rationalization. Start minimizing empty miles and reducing fuel costs NOW.

    Shipper or carrier, the PCS Prime Express Platform minimizes deadheads and instantly secures the best rates going. It’s loaded with future-forward technology that gives you end-to-end visibility into your transportation costs.

    Save time, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line. Start winning today!

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