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Ice Cream and Sherbert

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Your ice cream is on its way! While you wait, why don’t you take a moment to get to know PCS?

Featuring the cloud-based features that you’ve come to love, PCS also offers enhanced capabilities for shippers migrating from Kuebix. Offering enhanced features offering complete control over your transportation logistics and supply chain mangement.

  • Manage Inbound and Outbound freight across multiple modes
  • Automate rating, routing, tendering, carrier management, scheduling, alerts & notifications
  • Connect with logistics stakeholders and partners via API, EDI, wireless app and with drivers via in-cab telematics
  • Provide online portal access to carriers, vendors, customers and sales
  • Share data between your TMS and freight payment tools, fleet management tools, WMS, YMS, ERP and more
  • Drive analytics and BI practices with detailed reporting capabilities and data access for ad-hoc reports

PCS TMP on multiple Devices

Give us a chance to show you what you’ve been missing – learn how an AI-driven Transportation Management Software (TMS) system makes it possible to reach higher levels of precision, automation and visibility.

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