New features provide greater fleet visibility without third-party tool integration 

HOUSTON –May 5, 2021 PCS Software (PCS), the leading AI-powered transportation management platform provider for shippers, carriers and brokerages in North America, has announced the release of a new Asset Tracking & Management (AT&M) module to our AI TMS platform. The new capabilities give PCS customers greater fleet-wide management & visibility – without the need for a third-party software for more cost efficient, effective management from any mobile or desktop device.   (more…)

Ignite brings together and in-person, supply chain industry experts, technologists, and business leaders to explore the critical role of technologies in the effective management of transportation logistics and the nexus between technology and business growth 


Join us for a look back at the intersection of trucking, civil unrest and an examination of how logistics planning and management software helps keep freight moving in spite of upheaval and disruption.


Transportation tech leader helps shippers and carriers digitize operations with contactless shipping documentation 

HOUSTON –March 1, 2021 – PCS Software (PCS), a leading AI-driven transportation management platform provider for shippers, carriers and brokerages in North America, is making the supply chain safer and more efficient with new contactless, paperless bills of lading (BOL) and proof of delivery (POD) functionality added to its TMS platform. From electronic document management to touchless facility gate access, PCS customers can now manage these formerly paper-based workflows directly from their mobile device.   (more…)

Innovations enable real-time asset tracking and on-the-go dispatch management

Houston – March 5, 2021 – PCS Software (PCS), an AI-driven transportation management platform provider for shippers, carriers and brokerages in North America, announced today two new advancements to its Mobile Express driver management and communication system, part of the PCS Supply Chain Logistics Platform.  (more…)

PCS helps trucking companies simplify trucking with a fully integrated, AI-driven transportation management platform. We help you cut through the noise.

Acquisition expands PCS capabilities into Shipper private-fleets, providing a combined Shipper-Carrier TMS platform

Houston, TX. – November 19, 2020

PCS Software (PCS), a leading transportation management platform provider for the inland trucking industry, today announced the acquisition of UltraShipTMS.

UltraShipTMS offers cloud supply chain management technologies and services to leading shippers in food production, packaging, manufacturing, retail and other industries.

“UltraShipTMS is a force in the TMS industry and is known for its quality supply chain and logistics technology solutions. The company has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and has a stronghold among agricultural producers and food shippers. This will complement our customer base and allow PCS to extend its footprint,” said Chris Poelma, Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at PCS Software.

By acquiring UltraShipTMS, PCS will build upon its existing transportation logistics management and fleet management capabilities and expand its capabilities to create one integrated shipper and carrier platform. This will offer users an end-to-end, unified interface for shipping and carrying visibility management.

“We are excited to join forces with PCS and combine our areas of expertise to further improve the supply and logistics industry,” said Nicholas Carretta, president of UltraShipTMS.

“UltraShipTMS became a trusted partner from the moment we implemented their platform in 2016. Their in-depth knowledge, dedication, and innovative solutions transformed our business capabilities and service offerings,” said Dan Taylor, Corporate CIO at Castellini Companies. “Over the years, we have appreciated the high levels of service UltraShipTMS provides and look forward to the additional capabilities and resources from PCS Software that will take our business to the next level.”

About UltraShipTMS
UltraShipTMS offers award winning software-as-a-service solutions to leading shippers in food production, packaging, manufacturing, retail and other industries. UltraShipTMS, UltraYMS and the LoadFusion transportation optimizer provide a single-source solution for transportation and private fleet management, optimization and settlement handling in- and out-bound shipping across all modes of transport.

About The CapStreet GroupThe CapStreet Group is a Houston, Texas based private equity firm that invests in owner-managed, lower middle market companies. CapStreet targets companies operating in the value-added distribution, industrial services and manufacturing, and business to business service sectors. CapStreet’s approach is to partner with excellent management teams to build out corporate infrastructure, accelerate growth and profitability, and create long term sustainable businesses. For more information, visit The CapStreet Group website,

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For over 3 decades we’ve been working to untangle billions of miles of road, millions of shipments, and matched them with drivers, trucks, and trailers all over the country.

Evaluating trucking software is a lot like buying a vehicle. You don’t really know what you’re getting until you look under the hood. With our software, there is some serious firepower that drives our engine.

Plenty of software offerings may look fast and flashy at first glance, but once you get into the system, you find you are spending more time managing and adjusting your software than actually running your business. 

Properly built trucking software requires a combination of robust development, a user-friendly experience, and industry knowledge. With PCS, we provide powerful software with a simple interface that accelerates your business operations. 

Avoid Information Overload and Increase Efficiency

If a software system has every bell and whistle but it isn’t user friendly, user adoption becomes a serious challenge. Many trucking software companies cram too much data onto every screen, overwhelming users with information overload and poor context. 

Users are forced to constantly navigate through unnecessary information. Businesses and users need easily digested data to quickly access entry fields or pages with a simple keystroke or click. 

Our software is designed for high-speed and user-friendliness. Our streamlined dashboards display only the important data on every screen allowing you to manage workflows in effective and productive ways. 

Improve User Performance

PCS is constantly studying user behavior to improve technologies for our customers. We focus directly on making each user in every department more efficient, smarter, and positioned to deliver more value. 

We’ve designed our software to work with user behaviors and trucking industry needs, not to overcomplicate them with unnecessary steps and processes. Our software allows businesses to immediately engage with evolving situations by drawing the user, almost instinctively, through the data entry and collection process.

Why PCS 

Siloed transportation management software reduces productivity, speed, and revenue. With PCS, automation puts you in control by removing manual booking processes, inefficient dispatching, and poor management. 

Trucking companies trust PCS because our people know trucking inside and out. We provide software that enables users to easily manage their accounting, dispatch, and fleet – all in one place. With PCS, modern tools lead to better productivity and more revenue for customers. 

Learn how customers have increased revenue and found success with PCS.