Express TMS – Enterprise Edition

When operating your ERP systems from the cloud is not an option, our software is the best choice for long term adaptability and durability. Our software systems began as installed systems back in the mid 1990’s, and though hundreds and hundreds of companies operate our TMS systems from our cloud, hundreds more run our software on their own servers, their own terminal servers and their own workstations. Many have been running our software for twenty years or more.

Whether it’s more appropriate for your company to operate from your own networks or from the cloud depends on your circumstances and your preferences. Perhaps your systems need to integrate with wholly different systems, sometimes in other countries. Perhaps your company has database or application developers on staff that produce software products you rely on. No matter the reason, PCS Software can custom configure virtually any installation, so you can achieve the level of control that’s right for your business.

Partnering with PCS Software

We manage and support over 7000 active software system users every day. This means that no matter the size of your company, PCS Software is the right IT partner. Our developers and systems analysts will work closely with your personnel to design and construct the most optimal environment for your needs. There is no objective that can’t be met and no problem that can’t be solved.

Our responsible personnel average over a decade with our company and with our systems. They understand software, trucking, user behavior and most importantly, they know how to deliver solutions that help companies operate in a more productive, more profitable way.

At PCS Software, we’re in business to do business. And our business is all about helping our customers rethink and revamp internal processes. We don’t believe in transferring manual processes into computerized environments. We believe in automation and in eliminating manual processes while improving bottom lines.

Enterprise Environment Management

If your company has a well-developed local or wide area network infrastructure, you can operate our software in your environment. And while cloud-based systems can deliver a virtually maintenance- free environment, most of the very best benefits the cloud offers are also included in our installed software.

Such as …

  • Server updates are transparent and automated.
  • Database management tools are included.
  • Database performance is managed and monitored.
  • Server processor and disk performance is monitored
  • Workstations are updated automatically and monitored

Developing an Advanced IT Infrastructure

When you partner with PCS Software, you’re guaranteeing your company’s performance will be optimal. No smoke and mirrors, no stories. We know how to correctly develop and maintain consistently high performing environments and we’ll work with your personnel to make sure it happens on-time and in-budget.

We go above and beyond.

  • Local network development and administration
  • Database installation and management
  • Cost/benefit analysis and consulting
  • Terminal server configuration

We can help modernize your infrastructure into the high-performance, cost effective Microsoft based environment you’re looking to create. Whether you’re trying to connect 20 people in one office or 500 people in 50 offices, we can help you define an infrastructure that performs correctly. You can work with the same individuals that successfully launched and managed over 400 servers in two states over the last decade. Our personnel are experts on virtually all network, security and hardware topics and all this ability comes standard with our software.

Industry Leading Programming Skill

Our programmers average over twenty years of development experience each and most have been with PCS Software for the largest part of their careers. They understand the trucking industry and its demands, and they know how to develop systems that will help your personnel to get more done in less time. They are experts at developing within a Microsoft environment including all Visual Studio products and all versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Our development staff is also extremely productive. Case in point, our core system contains more than 500 individual screens. This amount of volume can only happen when the programming being done is of the highest quality, and at PCS Software, it is. As a company, PCS Software does not rely on revenue from programming services to move our own company forward. This means that our programming talents are available to you, and always for far less than you’ll find elsewhere.

In fact, when a customer requests programming services and those features and systems that get developed can benefit our customers at large, we’ll often share in the cost and we’ve even absorbed the entire cost on many, many occasions. For us, it’s more important to move the technology forward than to nickel and dime our customers. For our competitors, convincing you to continuously throw thousands of dollars at program changes is a way of life.

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