"PCS has taken the best of all those programs (dispatch, accounting, fleet management) and put it together as one."

Tim Reilly, VP Voyager Express


Increase productivity with our Truckload Dispatch Management System that features streamlined dispatching software to centralize workflows, organize assignments, and facilitate communications.

Dispatching/Fleet Management
Equipment/Freight Logistics
Communications/ Tracking
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Truckload Dispatch


Managing an intermodal transportation company requires visibility into complex dispatch and tracking systems. See how our customer, Majewski Transportation, was able to use TMS Express to gather deep, real-time insights into every step of the delivery.

Majewski Transportation

Streamlined driver/dispatch communications

Grew revenue by $5M
Expanded their fleet by 14 trucks

Less Than Truckload

Streamline operations with our Intermodal Dispatch Management System that features dispatching software to automate processes, organize assignments, and consolidate customer communications.

Dispatching/Load Management
Route/Fleet Optimization
Automatic Rating / Tracking
Less Than Truckload

Freight Brokerage

Our software reduces costs by streamlining freight movement processes and centralizing communications to ensure the entire dispatch process is transparent and accountable.

Dispatching / Load Management
Freight / Carrier Matching
Automatic Rating / Analysis

Ditch Legacy Systems & Accelerate Growth

Siloed transportation management software and outdated manual processes undermine productivity and competitiveness. Our TMP puts you in the drivers seat with automation that removes manual booking, inefficient dispatching, and poor management.

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All-in-One TMP Solution Overview

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