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Earn rewards, including discounts on your TMS, for each referral you bring in.  

Program Overview

Unlimited Referrals

That’s right.  We believe if you’re helping us grow, you should be rewarded. You’re eligible to receive an unlimited amount of savings.

We’ll Match Dollar for Dollar

Earn $1 for each $1 you help bring to PCS through the referral program – up to 100% off per month. 

**Based on first month’s revenue


Simple Process

After your referral comes through our system, you won’t need to do anything else! You will be notified as transactions are complete.


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Get Started With These Steps

1) Opt in by filling the form above. 

2) We will reach out to you with your unique referral link. 

3) Share your link with your network.  When someone joins PCS through your link, you’ll get credited!

4) Anyone you bring in will have 90-days to complete their transaction after their scheduled demo date.

5) Upon receiving first month’s subscription revenue, you will be credited dollar for dollar based on every new customer you bring in!