How Majewski Transportation Grows their Trucking Business with PCS

As we continue to grow, we know PCS is right there with us.

Carrier Majewski

Office Manager, Majewski Transportation

About Majewski Transportation

Founded in 1991 by Jim Majewski, Majewski Transportation started with a dynamic duo of father and son, initially managing all operations manually. From its modest beginning with a small fleet, the company has grown to manage 60+ trucks, specializing in complex logistics solutions and takes great prides for their exceptional services serving Houston, TX as a #1 LTL freight carrier.

The Challenges Before PCS

Before PCS Software, Majewski Transportation grappled with the challenges of manual processes. The company relied heavily on handwritten documents for dispatch and accounting, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

"We used to write everything on paper, on handwritten notes. Managing multiple deliveries per trip was chaotic and looked unprofessional."

The Results

In seeking a solution, Majewski needed a Transportation Management System (TMS) that could handle their unique consolidation needs and streamline their growing operations. They implemented PCS and immediately saw a difference.

"I thought they made PCS specifically for us." - Tad Minter, Director of Fleet Operations, Majewski Transportation

Streamlined operations

Implementing PCS Software has transformed Majewski Transportation by automating previously manual tasks. This automation has improved professionalism, reduced errors, and improved efficiency across the board. The streamlined interface and robust features of PCS have enabled faster processing times and less paperwork, allowing staff to focus more on strategic tasks and customer service.

"Our dispatch and accounting are now seamlessly integrated, with everything just a click away. All my financial totals are at the click of a button; I can see what everybody's doing." - Carrier Majewski, Office Manager, Majewski Transportation

Improved professionalism

With PCS, Majewski now manages multiple delivery routes with ease, presenting a professional face to clients. The software’s ability to handle complex logistics has been a game-changer. The advanced capabilities provided by PCS ensure that all logistics operations are streamlined and displayed in a user-friendly manner that clients appreciate. This has significantly boosted client trust and satisfaction, as they perceive a higher level of organization and capability.

Responsive customer support

The quick and efficient customer support from PCS has enabled Majewski to resolve issues swiftly, improving client satisfaction and operational reliability. This responsive service allows Majewski to maintain high levels of trust with their clients, as issues are not only acknowledged but resolved promptly.

"I emailed PCS support to see if there was a way to remove an issue; almost instantly, I received a reply saying 'fixed.' This allows us to promptly assure our customers that their concerns are addressed effectively." - Carrier Majewski, Office Manager, Majewski Transportation


PCS Software has been pivotal for Majewski Transportation, not just in handling logistics and accounting but in transforming the entire business approach. The transition from manual processes to a sophisticated TMS has empowered Majewski to scale operations, improve professional presentation, and maintain high standards of customer service.

We look and operate more professionally, which is crucial in retaining clients and managing more complex logistics scenarios.

Jeff Majewski

President at Majewski Transportation
Majewski Transportation logo

Fast Facts about Majewski Transportation

  • Company Type: Transportation and Logistics
  • Founded in: 1991 by Jim Majewski
  • Expansion: Growth to 60+ trucks with extensive dispatch operations
  • Specialty: Consolidation in logistics, handling multiple deliveries efficiently
  • Uses PCS for: Comprehensive transportation management since 2001

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