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Not compatible with 3rd party dispatching services, Limousine or Charter Service, Owner Operator, Tow Trucks, People Transportation Services.

It is easy to use. The staff is very nice and always happy to help and the Integration was very fast.

Dina H.
M.R. Trans, LLC

Great product! I like that it is easy to use, somewhat customizable, and customer service is very helpful. It was easy to integrate and get started quickly.

Jason P.
Top Flight Trucking and Logistics

This program is very detailed in is record and information keeping. It is capable of doing just about anything needed for a trucking company.

Michael T.
Tilmon Trucking

Run Your Entire Trucking Operations on an AI-Driven Platform

PCS Carrier Express a trucking company software that enables you to manage your dispatch, accounting, and fleet all within one platform. Truckload, LTL, Intermodal, and Brokerage lines of business can all be managed from within this system. Our cloud-based system is designed to bring together shippers, carriers and brokers in a safe secure up-to-date environment for your dispatchers, fleet managers, finance and accounting teams.

Dispatching Made Easy

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop dispatch feature allows you dispatch a load in just two clicks.

Reduce Deadhead

Tackle the critical task of reducing deadhead miles with the deadhead reduction feature. Find the closest truck to your scheduled pickup based on availability and schedule.

Make Every Load Profitable

PCS Carrier Express will generate a warning if a load falls below your set standard.

Set Up Custom Dispatch Filters

Dispatchers can filter by office, load type or even teams (if you’re split into teams).


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