Truckload Dispatch

With our Truckload Dispatch Management System, you can achieve new levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our dispatching software begins with a common-sense workflow and adds easy to use tools that deliver an advance way of working and meaningful information so your dispatching personnel can make smart and timely decisions. Combined with our innovative, built-in communications capabilities that keep your drivers and customers informed simultaneously, our system is the only system that will deliver real results to your operations and to your bottom line.

Real Dispatch Management

The Dispatch Manager is the heart of our dispatching system and the home screen for all Truckload dispatching activities in the Express TMS. Invented over twenty years ago, the Dispatch Manager defines the industry standard, it’s the design that our competitors continuously copy but never can duplicate. More than just a screen, more than a feature, this is a way of working. The best, most efficient way to dispatch. The Dispatch Manager can make any operation run better.

This is how Truckload dispatching is done. Available Loads on top, Enroute Loads on the bottom, equipment to the right. Everything is done with the mouse, drag loads to trucks and right-click for everything else, easy. This tried and true design keeps hundreds and hundreds of dispatching offices around the country running smoothly. Information is displayed the way people work. The most important information is always up front, always on top. Virtually any action dealing with any order can be performed from this one screen. Highly customizable, information can be grouped, filtered and sorted in virtually any way imaginable and users can create their own custom layouts. Higher volume operations can manage multiple divisions, offices and workgroups simultaneously and information can be shared between divisions, offices and workgroups in any way that you see fit.

  • Developed for real world, real time dispatching.
  • Access all primary dispatching features from one screen.
  • Smart color coding delivers meaningful information at a glance.
  • Fully customizable by every dispatcher for his/her own needs.
  • Limits features that personnel see to ones they actually use.
  • Advanced planning tools keep your operations looking forward.

Graphical Scheduler

Better planning results in better execution, less waste and higher profits. The Dispatch Scheduler delivers an advanced, intuitive way to view your operations, forecast requirements and make decisions. Instantly see where work needs to be done, who’s working, who’s not and who can’t. Clean, crisp graphics, combine with smart features for matching freight and equipment, enable dispatchers to make plan better and smarter, making more profitable decisions today and into the future.

  • Clean, crisp interface.
  • Allows planning as far ahead as needed.
  • Color codes equipment by status and activity.
  • Flexible display spans hours, days and weeks.
  • Interacts with planning tools to reduce deadhead.

Customizable Order Entry

Other order entry systems weigh you down with work. They’re convoluted, confusing and data entry intensive. Not so with the Express TMS. Our order entry system is designed for high-speed and minimal input. Our superior design is totally customizable, meaning you are in control of what is recorded with each load, you’ll never see what you don’t need to see and you’ll never be forced to perform unnecessary data entry. On top of all that, our tools for duplicating loads and memorizing repeat loads can eliminate much of the data entry needed completely.

Can we make it any faster than that? Yes, we can. In fact, no other competing system can match our ability to automate the order entry process. If you’re looking for the perfect data entry world, meaning no data entry, this is it. Receive EDI 204s from shippers and loads directly from your website, no data entry. Let’s add one more thing. The best paying shippers pretty much all require these capabilities. EDI and web based order entry simplify things for shippers as well. So, you get the added benefit that the same thing that reduces your costs can open the doors to higher revenues from better paying shippers.

Better Rating Support

Automated rating eliminates mistakes, improves revenue and ensures the revenue you earn is the correct revenue. Completely embedded and always correct, our rating tools can support virtually any rating method and any rating strategy. Whether your rating schemes are developed in-house or imposed by your customers, whether you rate by the mile, pound, ton, zip to zip, city to city, zone rating or practically any other method imaginable, our rating systems remove the work and get it right every time.

On top of that, our interface to the U.S. Department of Energy delivers correct fuel surcharge rate calculations that are compatible with fuel surcharge rating requirements demanded by the largest shippers in the country. Forget about losing money on fuel surcharges and forget about adjusting invoices and fielding customer complaints, with our software, those days are over.

Want even more, get the info you need to know how to be more competitive. Our software delivers comparative analysis so you’ll always know how your rates stack up against your competitors and the rest of the transportation industry. Research your own rating patterns and research industry trends. Over time, between and within states and regions, our analysis incorporates millions or real world rates. And we mean rates charged, not rates quoted. These are real numbers that provide real insight so you can make better decisions and pursue opportunities that can move your bottom line.

  • Completely automated at the user level
  • Develops custom fuel surcharge matrices for each customer
  • Forces management approval when company standards aren't met

  • Built-in, automatic, U.S. DOE weekly fuel surcharge updates
  • Embedded industry rating data improves your competitive position

Ridiculously Easy Dispatching

How does it help you when your dispatcher is bogged-down in data entry every time he wants to assign a driver to a load? Dispatchers can make decisions quickly. But they can’t make any decisions while they’re filling out screen after screen. Here’s how we do dispatching. To post a dispatch, drag a load to a truck, miles are calculated, pay is calculated, pickup and delivery times are assigned, all automatically. One more click and your driver receives a complete Mobile Express Dispatch, complete with documentation, maps, directions, notes, every piece of information and all paperwork needed to execute the run.

When things get more complex, we can handle that too. Team drivers, multi-stop loads, blind shipments, virtually every possible thing that a load can do can be processed quickly and easily with this system. No operation is too involved for our software and no other system will shrink the amount of time people spend using their keyboards more than the Express TMS.

Totally Seamless Communications

When you automate communications between your dispatchers and your drivers and between your dispatchers and your customers, you eliminate a significant chunk of the work that needs to get done every day. In fact, if you study your operations and add-it up, you’ll see that this where you spend your money. Talking to drivers, talking to customers, sending emails, sending faxes. It’s expensive. Admit it and remove it.

Our mobile capabilities are second to none, thousands of drivers like them and use them all day, every day. And when you combine our mobile capabilities with our customer notification features, you get an entirely automated communications package, no talking and no emails.

Here’s a short list...

  • Mass email messaging for drivers, carriers and shippers.
  • Forwards delivery instructions, documentation and maps on every load.
  • Mobile Express system for Apple, Android and any other smartphone or tablet including Microsoft Surface.
  • Notifications sent to shippers and consignees when drivers reach a specified distance from their locations.
  • Instant e-signatures at delivery and instant document scans and transfers that make for instant billing.
  • Compatible with EDI requirements and sends 214 Load Status Updates automatically.
  • Interfaces to Omnitracs and PeopleNet workflow requirements and ELD systems.
  • Interfaces to JJ Keller ELogs ELD system.

High Volume Job Order Management

PCS delivers the very best solution for high-volume customers and complex, multi-load projects. We support bulk-materials, machinery, equipment and virtually any other commodity. Jobs can be organized, managed and billed in whichever way works best for you. By load, by commodity or by volume. Loads are instantly booked and tracked through Express Dispatch while Job Order information is updated continuously and automatically.

Freight and Equipment Matching

We help you maximize profits by providing powerful, effective freight and equipment matching decision support. We minimize deadhead by proving which assignments are the best assignments, guaranteeing you the best result. When you eliminate unnecessary deadhead miles, your drivers know they’re on the best load. This gives you the added benefit of increasing overall driver satisfaction and this improves driver performance and retention.

  • Compare deadhead from trucks to any load or loads to any truck
  • Combines with other built-in tools to optimize decision making
  • Automatically plans around and with existing assignments

Posting and Finding Freight & Equipment

We make it easy to post freight and equipment and to search for freight and equipment. Instantly send hundreds and even thousands of emails to shippers and carriers, allowing shippers to book pickup requests online and carriers to bid on available freight.

  • Instantly posts available loads to PostEverywhere.Com, and
  • Direct mass email broadcasts of freight and equipment to outside carriers and shippers.
  • Available ‘Freight Auction’, allows carriers to bid on freight.
  • In-program load board with over 30,000 loads available every day.